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Solaire Resort and Casino: A Sneak Peek Of World Class Gaming

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Solaire Resort and Casino: A Sneak Peek Of World Class Gaming

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solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (2)-chandeliers

Extravagant and intricate chandeliers at Solaire Resort and Casino

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solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (9)-batman slot machine

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Solaire Resort and Casino offers 1,200 of the latest slot machines with the most advanced software system and nearly 300 table games providing enough thrilling action for a Las Vegas style fun experience. VIP sections are also available for more serious players like in Macau.

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solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (27)

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (88 )-adrian ort (2)
Adrian Ort, VP – Operations and General Manager, Solaire Resort and Casino

He is proud to announce that they have flew in over 450 OFW returnees from Macau, Middle East, Singapore, etc. Solaire Resort and Casino gave them competitive benefits and packages to continue raising the resort casino standards in the Philippines while bringing them closer to their families.

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (96)
Dennis Andreaci, Senior VP –  Gaming Operations, Solaire Resort and Casino

He says that Solaire Resort and Casino raises the bar in Philippine gaming, offering world-class gaming facilities and mentions that it is at par with Las Vegas, Macau and Singapore.

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (114)
Grand staircase to Solaire’s VIP gaming floor
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solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (105)
Solaire Resort and Casino’s VIP sections' view

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (107)

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (110)-vip room

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (112)

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (117)

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (118)
VIPs have their own private dining room

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (120)

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (125)
Michael French, COO, Solaire Resort and Casino

He explains that they have been recruiting Filipinos abroad to come back home because these OFWs know how to deliver to high-end people who expect high-end service. He states that Solaire Resort and Casino is going to provide a unique combination of east and west – Filipinos want a fun Las Vegas gaming experience while target Macau gamers are more of the serious type who expect invisible and non-disturbing service. He also mentioned that Solaire Resort and Casino is expected to have a luxury shopping area, HUGE broadway style theater, 300 more luxurious suite-type rooms and many more surprises.

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (129)
Brad Stone, President - Global Gaming Asset Management (“GGAM”), Management Service for Solaire Resort and Casino

When asked about the competition in the market, he notes that competition makes you become better. Solaire Resort and Casino is creating a new standard that will become a new benchmark in Philippine gaming, maybe even becoming a new leader in gaming here in Asia.

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Solaire Resort and Casino

1 Solaire Boulevard
Entertainment City
Metro Manila,
Contact Number: 888-8888

Website   |   Facebook   |   Twitter

How to go to Solaire Resort and Casino

Solaire Resort and Casino: A Sneak Peek Of World Class Gaming

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