Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hundred Islands - Alaminos, Pangasinan

Alaminos is about 3-4 hours away from Manila via SCTex.
There are plenty of resorts/hotels in the area but don't expect to find a 5-star hotel :p

You have to rent a boat (to reach the beaches on the islands), which is Php 1500, good for 10-15 pax.
Just make sure that is the capacity of the boat and life vests are readily available for all.

On the way to the hundred islands, you will see fishermen standing in the middle of the sea.. literally!
Because there are shallow parts in the middle of the sea where you can dock if you want :)

First stop: Governor's Island
The locals will charge Php 20 as "entrance fee," but it is used for the maintenance of the island since many tourists arrive there every day.

If you want to go to the top, you will have to pay another Php 150 :p

Another tourist attraction here  is the small cave on the other side of the island :)

Next Island: Children's Island
Too bad I wasn't able to take pictures because we did not get off the boat.
It's called Children's Island because of the shallow water, where most families with kids swim :)

Last stop: Quezon Island
Most tourists bring their lunch here and cook it in the island.
There are plenty of cottages and a grilling station in the area.

It is called Quezon Island because there is a Manuel L. Quezon monument at the top :)

Dining in (Lingayen) Pangasinan is not a problem - restaurants are everywhere (but not on the islands) and cheap too!
short order dishes are about 50 pesos only :)
Aside from the 123 islands, Pangasinan is also famous for their inihaw na Hito (mudfish) and inihaw na Bangus (milkfish). YUMMY!
Pinoys like to eat them without utensils so enjoy! Hehehe

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