Saturday, March 27, 2010

Authentic Persian Food at Mister Kabab (West Avenue, Quezon City)

Whenever we're craving for Authentic Persian cuisine around QC, we always go to MISTER KABAB :)

MISTER KABAB offers GREAT FOOD that will make your tummy smile and your wallets happy! ☺☻☺

You should try their YOGURT SHAKE (Php 45). It tastes like cold Yakult ☺
 You can have it sweet or salty, but we always choose the sweet one.
They also offer fresh fruit shakes (Php 40), but of course, YOGURT SHAKE IS THE BEST!

Whenever we're here, we always order the same things:

OX BRAIN (Php 75) - it's like an omelet... only better! ☼

You should mix  their special yogurt sauce and red spicy sauce with the ox brain omelet to appreciate this dish more ♥

As for the main dish, we always order the SPECIAL BEEF CHELO KEBAB (Php 135)
 It comes with one ground beef and one tenderloin stick, but we prefer 2 ground beef sticks instead.
The buttered rice is oooh-lala together with the grilled tomato and of course, with the SPECIAL SAUCES mixed together!!!

 The KEEMA (Php 60) is also a must-try!!
It's soft ground beef, good for pulutan. We usually order extra buttered rice (Php 25) on the side for this one ☺ 
By the way, if you are a butter lover like me, you can order extra butter on the side as well for only Php 10!!!! yehey!

We also decided to order something else to try:

Chicken Liver Stick (Php 40) - yummy to the last bite!!!

My camera couldn't do justice. 
Sorry, I think I need to buy a DSLR :p

SHRIMP and MUSHROOM (Php 95) - forgettable!

• They have a parking lot at the back.
• If the house is full, you need to go to the back to fall in line.
• They also accept reservations.

Mister Kabab
95A West Avenue, Quezon City
(02) - 373-5941

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