Friday, May 21, 2010

Kitchen (Greenbelt 3, Makati)

It had been months since we last saw Ibyana. After having coffee, tea and cakes at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, we chose to have dinner at KITCHEN.

The place was wonderful!
I liked the ambiance so much especially the tables where there were low chandeliers, but we were not able to sit there because it was reserved.
So we had to sit in one of the long tables near the counter.
Little Sofia sat in one end of the table.
We did not know that the corner edge was razor sharp!
Good thing that she wasn't harmed, but her mom wasn't so lucky.
Ann got a cut on her hand; and, when I informed the waiter about the table, he just looked at the sharp edge and did not even show his concern for the customer's safety.
(in short, it was completely ignored)

We were all in a good mood so it didn't matter at that moment anyway.
I'd guess that I simply told the wrong waiter.

Anyway, while waiting for our food, Little Sofia and Nangnang Photo made use of the table placemats to entertain themselves.

Yehey to paper placemats!

For little Sofia, I ordered BIG CHEESE. She LOVED it!!!
It's 2 pieces of the fried mozzarella cheese with sweet-tangy cranberry sauce (Php 125)

I love aligue (crab fat) so I ordered the SWORD IN (pan-fried prawns with crab fat sauce - Php 275)
I was kinda disappointed because the shrimps were too small but the aligue paste was really good.
I hoped they added a little something to make the dish more special because it was just too plain.

No other drink for our table except filtered water.
It was served in this bottle.

I think it was pretty creative, but it didn't taste like mint at all :p
It was more like "grass" hihihi

Ivy and Davis both ordered the LAZY OAF (herbed chicken with spinach - Php 190)
This was Ivy's favorite. The chicken was very tender and juicy.
It was a bit salty for me but it was very tasty to the bone!

Achie Ann ordered TOO GOOD SO IT'S TRUE.
It's pan-fried salmon belly laced with onions and yummy bistek tagalog sauce (Php 200)
Every Filipino who loves bistek tagalog sauce would love this one.

Our verdict:
Food (3.5 out of 5 stars)
Service (3 out of 5 stars) - a little concern from the servers would be nice :)
AMBIANCE (5 out of 5 stars) - very homey, cozy and comfortable for all kinds of diners.
VALUE FOR MONEY (4 out of 5 stars) - considering that this restaurant's in Greenbelt 3, the price per serving was good.

(located beside Seattle's Best Coffee)
Greenbelt 3, Makati
(02) 757-4565
(02) 757-4566

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