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Finestra Italian Dining (Solaire Resort and Casino)

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Finestra Italian Dining (Solaire Resort and Casino)

FINESTRA is Solaire’s authentic Italian restaurant serving quality Italian dishes, which are made of the finest ingredients imported from Italy. This is an ideal date place with a very sophisticated ambiance, overlooking Manila Bay. It will be open for lunch and dinner, with one private dining room that is perfect for intimate group dinners :)

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Finestra’s bar - where you can find some of the best wines in the world. You might even stumble upon wines that are not available elsewhere in Manila.

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Booth Tables

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (128)-finestra-italian-restaurant
Finestra can seat up to 120 guests at a time

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (127)-finestra

I highly recommend that you come here for an early dinner to catch the Manila Bay sunset.

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Finestra’s immaculate open kitchen

Finestra will be opening its doors to the public on March 16, 3PM. Here are some of its most delectable dishes that have made our tummies the happiest ever.

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (166)- antipasto
Antipasto – caprese mozzarella, aged parma ham, assorted cold cuts, cheese, and stuffed tomatoes
(This was gone in seconds. We especially enjoyed the spiced ham and lovely buffalo mozzarella)

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (169)
Margherita Pizza with buffalo mozzarella
This was served the Italian way – not sliced so you can eat it like how you eat a bread, tearing it into pieces.

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (170)b
Finestra’s hand crafted pastas: Spaghetti and Meaty Lasagna
The spaghetti chitarra (guitar-string spaghetti) was to die for! It consisted of peperoncino, tuna and sundried tomatoes. It was just LOVE!!!

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (173)
Roasted Branzino (seabass) and a giant Prawn with tomatoes and candied lemon

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (174)
Veal cutlet with arugula and cauliflower
This was pretty interesting. It was like porkchop, only this was a young calf. The arugula salad was essential in the whole “veal cutlet” experience.

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (179)-osso-buco
Veal Ossobuco
Finestra’s version was good but I still believe that the best osso buco contender is Cucina Rusticana

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (180)-truffle-risotto
Porcini Mushroom Risotto with a hint of truffle oil
A MUST ORDER in Finestra! I finished the whole plate :p

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (181)-lamb chops
Sardinian Lamb Chops with potatoes and roasted eggplants
Finestra cooked it to perfection. I think that this is one of the best lamb chops I’ve tried. It came with a thick tomato sauce; however, I had to ask for mint jelly on the side because I always like my lamb chops with it.

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (185)
Italian Desserts: Limoncello Sabayon with fresh berries, Panna Cotta with Caramelized Orange, Tiramisu Gelato

solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (183)
24 karat chocolate fondant
A luxurious ending to our hearty Italian dinner
solaire-resort-casino-pasay-entertainment-city-philippines-jotan23 (188)

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FINESTRA – Italian Restaurant

Solaire Resort and Casino
1 Solaire Boulevard
Entertainment City
Metro Manila,
Contact Number: 888-8888

Finestra Italian Dining (Solaire Resort and Casino)

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