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Barneys Burger: Pampanga's Legendary Beef Burgers Now in QC

Barneys Burger: Pampanga's Legendary Beef Burgers Now in QC

Good news! Pampanga's signature pure beef patties have finally arrived in Metro Manila, specifically in D. Tuazon, Quezon City.

Experience the difference with Barneys Burgers. The savory burger patties are not fried, but cooked on a hot plate with its natural oil. Every burger patty is guaranteed fresh, served with prime grade beef - no extenders!!!

Barneys Burger - casual burger joint in Quezon City

Barneys Burger: Fully Loaded
BBQ Sauce, Bacon, Cheeseburger with Tomato, Lettuce and Cucumber
made with 100% Pure Beef

Be ready to eat with your hands and get messy :D Barneys Burger was loaded with juicy (I mean really juicy) beef patty, bacon, melted cheese and fresh veggies plus whatever topping you want to add more. I couldn't put it down the moment I tried it because I just couldn't stop eating it. Every bite was yumminess (is there such a word?!) 

The 1/3 pounder was really filling but I think my tummy would have been happier if I ordered one more, probably the quarter-pounder burger. Hmmm, I think that the perfect Barneys Burger meal would be: 1 fully loaded 1/3 pounder + 1 fully loaded quarter-pounder + fries + Infinitea drink *burp*

Best part of it all: It's SUPER AFFORDABLE! Barneys Burger's quarter pounders start at Php 69 while the most expensive burgers sell at Php 135. For just less than Php 200, you can have one Infinitea drink and one Barneys Burger. Maybe this can be the new Happy Meal?!

FYI: The owner, Lawrence Go, also owns Infinitea (just below Barneys Burger). ♫♪ Perfect combination ♫♪

Infinitea Fruit Lemonades

Infinitea dessert drink - Strawberry and Cream

Undeniably the best drink to partner with the juicy Barneys Burgers would be Inifinitea's fruit lemonades. We tried 4 different lemonade flavors: cherry, blueberry, green apple and watermelon-kiwi lemonade. Each one has its own unique sweet taste but my favorite would be the watermelon-kiwi :) Kids will surely love these drinks - reminded me of Ramune  (Japanese pop sodas) without the fizz.

Also, while you're at Barneys Burger, no need to go elsewhere to have some dessert because Infinitea also serves dessert drinks like the "strawberry and cream." It was soooo good. It's like a light vanilla milkshake with real strawberry syrup, complete with the texture of strawberry seeds. I will definitely order this again after having my burger fix :)

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"Home of the legendary Pampanga burger since 1988"

2nd floor, above InfiniTea
137 D. Tuazon St.
Quezon City

Barneys Burgers Accept Delivery!
Telephone Numbers: 708-1111 or 210-0738

Operating Hours: 
Monday - Sunday: 11 am - 11 pm
Last order at 10:40 pm

Facebook: Barneys Burger

Barneys Burger: Pampanga's Legendary Beef Burgers Now in QC

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