Thursday, November 10, 2011

BEST TAKOYAKI in InfiniTea, Quezon City

We found the BEST TAKOYAKI in INFINITEA, Quezon City
First, we tried their WINTERMELON MILK TEA (Php 80 - large)
This was 3rd on their BEST SELLER LIST; However, it was way below our expectations.
The drink lacked sweetness and it also lacked in flavor. 
I think they added too much water.
Also, the pearls were a bit hard, not chewy, but hard.
Fortunately, their TAKOYAKI (Php 58) didn't disappoint.
 It took 15-20 minutes to cook but the long wait was worth it!
We had to order another one!!!
The takoyaki was very meaty, served with real tako bits too!
The sauce was great - sweet and tangy mixed with the salty bonito flakes. 
To taste it is to believe!

TIP: If you don't like the Japanese red ginger usually served with the makimono rolls, ask the server to remove the ginger upon ordering.

UPDATE as of Nov 16, 2011
We went back to INFINITEA tonight and we're so glad we tried their other drinks :)
The CARAMEL MILK TEA (Php 85 - large), Assam based, was good especially with the brown sugar jelly.
CHOCOLATE MOUSSE (Php 90 - large) was great! Kids will surely love this drink.
GREEN TEA HAZELNUT (Php 90 - large) was (almost) like Starbuck's green tea frappe.

But our favorite was the SPECIAL ICED TEA (Php 60 - large) -- The Black African Rooibos Tea was the perfect base!!! It was very refreshing and the BASIL SEED was a pleasant surprise too! A MUST TRY!!!!

D. Tuazon St., Quezon City

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