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One Way Restaurant: Exquisite European Food In The Heart Of Makati

One Way Restaurant: Exquisite European Food In The Heart Of Makati

A beautiful restaurant with mouthwatering sourdough pizza, gracefully grilled steaks, heavenly pasta and much more.

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Have you tried ONE WAY Restaurant in Makati? We went there to sample some of their delectable dishes and we were hooked. Most dishes are comfort European food prepared the Scandinavian way: flavorful sauces and stocks are prepared days ahead, meats cooked to fall-off-the-bone tenderness and the bread and pizza baked from scratch. (They are the only restaurant that serves freshly made sourdough crust pizza.)

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TIP: It's important to make a reservation because the place is full every night.

We’ve had quite a lot that night but I’ve noted some of my personal  (MUST TRY) favorites:

one-way-restaurant-makati-jotan23 (3)
The complimentary bread that was refilled for the Nth time for my friend :p

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Nando’s Green Dream Team Shake
One Way’s Signature Drink: refreshing and healthy. 
Composed of lemon, mint and basil

one-way-restaurant-makati-jotan23 (15)
Cream Of Wild Mushroom Soup in sourdough bread 
(Php 180 - good for sharing)
Perfect for rainy nights!
Chef Harold, the genius man behind all of One Way’s winning dishes, takes us to San Franciso but instead of clam chowder soup, we’re having this creamy mushroom soup.

one-way-restaurant-makati-jotan23 (5)
Salmon Gravlax and Mango Salad 
(Php 280 – “value for money” salad)

MUST TRY!!! Make sure you cut everything into smaller pieces and mix everything to be able to fully enjoy this savory salad.

one-way-restaurant-makati-jotan23 (22)
Chef’s Liver Pate (Php 690)
Chicken liver and pork terrine served with cranberry jam and sourdough crostini

Chilean Black Mussels in White Wine and Cream (Php 460)
MUST TRY!!! Definitely one of the dishes that would make me come back in One Way Restaurant again and again. The last time I’ve had mussels this good was at Savoy Bistro


One Way Restaurant's Signature sourdough pizzas (very crispy):
one-way-restaurant-makati-jotan23 (6)
Pamplona Pizza (Php 470)
jamon serrano, Spanish spicy chorizo, arugula, cherry tomato and lemon dressing

This was good but the pizza below is BETTER:
one-way-restaurant-makati-jotan23 (18)
Carbonara Pizza (Php 470)
 mushrooms, bacons, cream sauce
MUST TRY!!! If you like white pasta, this will win your heart.

one-way-restaurant-makati-jotan23 (8)
Like clams? Get One Way’s Vongole pasta (this is loaded with clams)

one-way-restaurant-makati-jotan23 (19)
Aglio Olio 
MUST TRY!!! Those Jamon Serrano toppings were so crispy and delectable that you’d forget that you have an existing relationship with “bacon.”

one-way-restaurant-makati-jotan23 (9)
Braised Oxtail (Php 890)
MUST TRY!!! Love the combo of mushroom risotto and softest oxtail in red wine sauce

one-way-restaurant-makati-jotan23 (12)
Tournedos Rossini (Php 1,850)
MUST TRY!!! King of all steaks topped with foie gras and black truffle sauce – definitely NOT for sharing. I love how thick the cut is and how well the fatty duck liver was cooked. 

one-way-restaurant-makati-jotan23 (11)one-way-restaurant-makati-jotan23 (10)one-way-restaurant-makati-jotan23 (13)
Make sure to press down the sourdough buns to absorb all the juices for a more enjoyable treat. DO NOT FORGET to add their SPECIAL MUSTARD. The mustard was so awesome that we preferred to dip the crispy fries in mustard than ketchup.

one-way-restaurant-makati-jotan23 (21)
Mango Jubilee (Php 180)
fresh mangoes cooked in butter, rhum, sugar and orange juice
one-way-restaurant-makati-jotan23 (14)
Voila! flambéed Mango Jubilee - a nice One Way ending to cap off the night.

Huge thanks to Consul Joseph “SurferJoe” Assad and Chef-Partner Harold “the genius” Nilooban (yes, I’m a huge fan!) for having us. See you again SOON :)

READ MORE about our experience here at ONE WAY RESTAURANT:

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One Way Street Restaurant

"A beautiful restaurant with mouthwatering sourdough pizza, gracefully grilled steaks, heavenly pasta and much more."

200 Concorde Bldg, Salcedo St corner Benavidez St.,

Legaspi Village, Makati

Contact Numbers: 0906.557.2588  |  02.869.8958

Instagram: @onewayrestaurant

One Way Restaurant: Exquisite European Food In The Heart Of Makati

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