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SEÑOR POLLO: Latin Chicken, Ice Cold Beer (Sct. Rallos, Tomas Morato, QC)

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SEÑOR POLLO: Latin Chicken, Ice Cold Beer (Sct. Rallos, Tomas Morato, QC)

Woot woot! Señor Pollo is currently our favorite chill-out place and I promise you, their food and drinks will not disappoint. I heard that Señor Pollo is also owned by El Chupacabra, a famous mexican joint that have gained plenty of followers. (So that explains why this place is AWESOME).

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The shop doesn’t seem to be striking when you see it but as soon as you go upstairs, the place is packed. Be sure to come early to get a table. (We always do)

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The menu is very simple, straight to the point.

We highly recommend the roast chicken and hot wings. I have yet to try the fried chicken and chicken sandwich, which I assume are equally divine.

senor-pollo-latin-chicken-scout-rallos-tomas-morato-jotan23 (2)
This picture is an order of HALF-roast but the quarter roast is usually enough.
An order of the quarter roast is Php 135, inclusive of two side dishes.

The chicken itself is undeniably flavorful, but it is best when mixed with their signature Chimichurri sauce, garlic white sauce and spicy salsa. It is a match made in heaven.

senor-pollo-latin-chicken-scout-rallos-tomas-morato-jotan23 (3)a

For the side dishes, we highly encourage you to get the fries and fried plantain or the spicy rice and Colombian beans. The coleslaw was just okay – it tasted like curry. We’ve never tried patatas bravas because it’s always sold out.

senor-pollo-latin-chicken-scout-rallos-tomas-morato-jotan23 (5)
Hot Wings (Php 440, 12 pieces with two side dishes) is my personal favorite. I make sure we have at least one plate of hot wings on the table whenever we dine here.

When they said HOT, they weren’t kidding. Prepare yourself and just let go of the tears and sipon :p This is PERFECT with their ice cold beer.

Just writing and sharing about Señor Pollo makes me want to go there now to get those wings. *sigh* 

NOT IN PICTURE: Dark Chocolate Mousse (Php 178) - This is quite pricey for just a scoop but OMG! SEÑOR POLLO serves THE BEST dark chocolate mousse we've ever had!!!

“Señor Pollo: Vibrantly Spiced, Incredibly Delicious

South American Chicken, Washed Down With An Ice Cold Beer.

There’s Nothing Better.”

senor-pollo-latin-chicken-scout-rallos-tomas-morato-jotan23 (8)


F7 building, Scout Rallos St.
Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Contact Number: 0917 833 1033

Instagram: @SenorPolloPH

SEÑOR POLLO: Latin Chicken, Ice Cold Beer (Sct. Rallos, Tomas Morato, QC)

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