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Top Batangas Specialties That You Should Not Miss

Top Batangas Specialties That You Should Not Miss


When in Batangas, people often look for Kapeng Barako (Barako Coffee) or Bulalo but did you know that Batangas is also known for other specialties that are worth visiting for?

Here are the FOUR Batangas specialties that you should not miss:


I didn't know you could find pure and raw honey in Batangas. Such a sweet surprise!

I bought a jar of DARK “pure organic honey” at a shop beside an organic restaurant in White Plains. There were ants in the shelf but I figured it’s normal since they’re selling jars of honey. When I left it in the refrigerator to test if it’s pure, the half bottom part of the jar crystalized and solidified to sugar. In short, it’s NOT pure.

TIPS: The local sellers from Batangas told me that the lighter the color, the better. (That means it’s fresh.) Also, pure honey doesn’t attract ants so if you see sellers in Manila selling a jar of dark honey with ants crawling on the side, that’s not pure. It’s usually mixed with loads of sugar.

bonete-batangas-bread-jo arce

I forgot the name of the bakery but they serve the BEST bonete in town. I have been searching for bonete here in Manila and nothing tastes like this. The Batangas Bonete tastes like biscuits slathered with butter – crisp, moist and excessively addictive. 

I got excited when I saw the poster from Balai Pandesal informing customers that they are selling Bonete, but to be honest, Balai Pandesal’s bonete is just plain pandesal made smaller. HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.

3. BATANGAS LOMI (by Lomi King)

What makes it special? They make their own noodles, which tastes like fish chips. Batangas Lomi is also served with kikiam meat and has a very thick soup that is prepared with love. Customers are encouraged to add soy sauce, calamansi and chili to enhance the taste.

Lima-Park-Hotel-Mae-Ilagan-Frank-Ruaya-when-in-manila-16when-in-manila-lima-park-hotel-weekend-24-wim alessi

Goto reinvented! Nope, there’s NO RICE in Batangas Goto but a cup of rice on the side is the perfect match indeed. Chef Pol of Lima Park Hotel described Batangas Goto as similar to “Papaitan” soup without the bitter taste. This contains tripes, meat and beef innards seasoned with diced onions. It tastes like bulalo with a twist. Add some chili and calamansi and it’s ready!

Where To Stay and What To Do In Batangas:

Top Batangas Specialties That You Should Not Miss

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