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SANTOUKA Hokkaido Ramen is now in the Philippines

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SANTOUKA Hokkaido Ramen is now in the Philippines

SANTOUKA, a well-known ramen place in Japan since 1988 is now bringing joy to us, Filipinos, as they opened their most recent branch last February 2013 in Makati. Hooray!

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SANTOUKA Ramen’s Philippine branch also serves the same creamy Hokkaido Shio Soup Base that has been what Santouka was known for. It’s pretty hard to find a ramen place here that serves shio/salt base (usually, ramen places serve miso or shoyu) so when we heard that Santouka serves shio base soup, we just had to try it!

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Just so you know, Santouka’s soup is simmered for at least 20 hours to get that awesome distinct taste and texture. This world-wide brand is very strict in serving only the best. All ingredients are imported from Japan, even the pork meat - so you are assured to get the same enjoyment you can have in Santouka Japan, Canada or USA.

FYI: Santouka’s soup is never boiled and is maintained and SERVED AT THE BEST temperature to be fully enjoyed by everyone.

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This is a MUST TRY in SANTOUKA. Have you ever tried ROASTED PORK CHEEKS?! Oh my goodness! These are extremely valuable parts of a pig, which are only about 200-300 grams per pig. So you can just imagine how fast these can be sold out. Just pure tenderness and yummy flavors that will make you want for more.

santouka-hokkaido-ramen-glorietta-jotan23 (20)
SHIO RAMEN (Salt Flavour)
Creamy and light but full of flavor – SOOOO GOOD!

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KARA-MISO RAMEN (Spicy Soybean Paste Flavor)
This had the right amount of spiciness, which is very bearable to everyone, making it easy to finish the whole bowl of soup :p

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AWASE-AJI RAMEN (Mixed Soup Ramen with Rice)
A ramen soup like no other: combination of salt, soy sauce and soybean. 
After finishing the noodles, put rice in soup and continue to enjoy!!!

Santouka Ramen also offers SET MENUs that usually consist of:
- 1 small ramen
- 1 rice bowl
- 1 chawanmushi (egg custard)
- 1 tsukemono (pickled veggies)
- 1 salad
- 1 tea
*** This is super sulit!!! I would love to try all of Santouka’s set menu meals :D

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Small Ramen and Grilled Salmon with Salmon Roe Rice Bowl Set

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I have no words for this… I just went to ramen heaven complete with rice bowl angels all over.
Other Dishes enjoyed by Kids and Adults:
- Gyoza
- Tori Karaage (Chicken Nuggets)
- Char Siu Gohan (Pork Belly Rice Bowl)

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santouka-hokkaido-ramen-glorietta-jotan23 (18)
Tori Karaage

santouka-hokkaido-ramen-glorietta-jotan23 (27)
Char Siu Gohan (MUST TRY)

FOR DESSERT, you may also enjoy MOCHI CREAM in Santouka. Mochi cream is the biggest mochi maker in Japan; and, it is the only mochi here in the Philippines that is Japanese made, composed of 3 layers: CHEWY SKIN, FLAVOR and CREAM.

santouka-hokkaido-ramen-glorietta-jotan23 (28)
(Clockwise from top left) Raspberry Praline (crunchy), Green Tea (my personal favorite), Blueberry Yogurt, Apple Pie

Thank you, Santouka Ramen, for coming here in Manila! Yahooooo!!!

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More good news: 
SANTOUKA RAMEN accepts reservations in their private rooms (for 2 hours only):
VIP A (6-8 pax) – Php 3,000 Consumable
VIP B (8-10 pax) – Php 4,000 Consumable

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SANTOUKA | Hokkaido Ramen

Ground Floor, Glorietta, Ayala, Makati
(Across SM Makati, Near Outback Steakhouse)
Contact Numbers: 728-1381   ;   0917-847-6087

SANTOUKA Hokkaido Ramen is now in the Philippines

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