Thursday, July 12, 2012

NUAT THAI LIBIS is giving away Gift Certificates. JOIN NOW!

Don't we all wish we could just relax and have that most awaited massage that we truly deserve? 

I knew I had to go to NUAT THAI LIBIS to relieve those stressed muscle tensions away.

I promise you, they have one of the best massage therapists in the metro. You can even ask for a male or female therapist :)

Nuat Thai Libis offers personalized service. You may also choose which massage oil scent you prefer - green tea, eucalyptus or lavender. I loved the green tea scent. It calms my mind and helps me relax. Perfect for my foot and aromatherapy massage.

I appreciate the fact that Nuat Thai Libis branch made a foot bath area instead of washing the customers' feet in a small basin. This seems to be more hygienic and classy.

foot massage area

Aaaaaahhhh.. this is the life. I feel like sleeping already (and to think that the massage was just starting). 

After my 30-minute ultra-relaxing foot massage ended, I was treated to an hour of aromatherapy massage. No, that's not me in the picture but yeah, that's the hot herbal ball that was used on my back. It was one of the best ever! I loved the feeling of the hot soft herbal ball rolling on my back, with the scent of essentials oils that helps refresh my body. This was perfect for my sore muscles, too. 

Result: I instantly felt calm and relaxed. I highly recommend getting this treatment when you come and visit Nuat Thai Libis :) Just make sure you bring a driver because you will definitely feel like sleeping right after.

NUAT THAI LIBIS is giving away Gift Certificates. 



2nd Flr, 90 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (libis), 
across Shopwise, 
above RCBC and Allied Bank
Quezon City

For reservations, please contact: 477-5004

Open Daily: 12:00 Noon - 2 AM

Facebook: Nuat Thai Libis

Twitter: @NuatThaiLIBIS

NUAT THAI LIBIS is giving away Gift Certificates. JOIN NOW!

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