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The Farm at San Benito: A Luxurious Wellness Holiday

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The Farm at San Benito: A Luxurious Wellness Holiday

WHEN IN MANILA, treat yourself to a luxurious wellness holiday at The Farm At San Benito. The specialized holiday retreat focuses on beauty and longevity, stress reduction, environmental detox and organic weight loss.

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- Daily ALIVE! Organic Vegan Gourmet Meals that is 85% raw and 15% cooked. This 
   allows live enzymes from food restore our vitality, energy and life force.
- Daily afternoon tea and healthy snacks.
- Complimentary WIFI
- Daily activities such as Yoga, Meditation, Circuit Training, Food Prep, etc.
- Free use of swimming pools
- Healing Sanctuary Treatment and Integrated Medical Services
- and many more

FYI: There is no signal for SUN CELL subscribers at The Farm.

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Our villa comes with a private infinity pool, 1 bath tub and two toilets, a king sized bed, TV (we never used it), ipod dock, a balcony and a daybed. Even if the room is huge and can fit 4 people, The Farm is quite strict and is only allowing a maximum of 3 adults in one room or 2 adults + 2 kids. This is perfect for honeymooners, especially to those who wanted to undergo a detox program to make a baby :)

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“Organic” door bell

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the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (13)
the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (25)
Spacious bath room with a view

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the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (19)
A bedroom fit for royalties

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the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (23)
the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (24)
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We loved our villa so much we wanted to just stay here and never go out

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The Farm’s Alive! Cuisine has won the best SPA Cuisine at the Baccarat AsiaSpa Awards for 2 years in a row. No dairy, no meat, no fish, just pure organic, fresh and raw veggies, nuts, seeds and fruits. The Farm uses the art of dehydrating food to create a more intense flavor while maintaining the lively color and nutritional value of the food.

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Crackers made from coconut grates or carrots

the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (7)b
the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (52)
Most food tasted like Indian cuisine :)

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My favorite ALIVE! dessert would be the coconut “baklava” and pistachio ice cream – so good :)

The Farm’s wellness beverages tasted.. “HEALTHY.” There is one drink that caught my attention: TRUE CLEANSER. It reminded me of RocketRoom’s Rocket Fuel cocktail drink – spicy and refreshing :)

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Breakfast was lovely! It’s something to look forward to :)
I liked The Farm’s version of a bowl of cereals – YUM! (seed granola, popped millet, coconut milk, fresh fruits, chia seeds)

the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (79)
Champorado and Malunggay Empanada for the win

the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (51)
Don’t worry! If you are really not into the usual vegan cuisine, order The Farm’s pasta carbonara or puttanesca instead. These were really good, one of the best!

Every 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM, The Farm offers complimentary tea and snacks at one of their gazebos/gardens. We loved the herbal tea, vegan choco-chip cookies, fruit skewers and banana bread. This was perfect before a good siesta back to the villa.

the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (59)the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (60)

An in-house doctor did a nutritional microscopy on me. It is basically a live blood cell analysis where a droplet of my blood is analyzed through a microscope. The regular or healthy blood cell is round and does not group together. Well, mine is the opposite. My blood cell somehow developed spikes and were clumping together – more like a gangsta :p

I’ve already done this before – (for free) in a Watson’s event. My blood cells were kinda hiphop back then – round and clumping. Oh whelps! I have to cut down on milk teas and processed foods and meat… but but but.. Mamou is sooo good and spam, and Serenitea :D

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the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (63)the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (64)

Meditate, relax, have a good evening walk. SWIM. The Farm has 3 swimming pools:
- South Pool (closest to Narra Pool Villa and ALIVE! Restaurant)
- Waterfalls (the most secluded, located at the secret garden)
- Infinity Pool (the most beautiful of all, located at the healing sanctuary)

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the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (57)

the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (72)

the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (76)

the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (40)
South Pool

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The Farm’s Infinity Pool at the Healing Sanctuary

I was given a luxurious 120 minutes detoxifying treatment at The Farm. Two therapists started by applying extra virgin coconut oil all over my body, including the face and then scraped it off using Mother of Pearl shells. They said that this helped in good lymphatic circulation. Next, they applied The Farm’s detox solution of coconut cream combined with turmeric (yellow ginger) and I was wrapped for 15 minutes with a hot compress on my tummy. After my short nap, I cooled off with a quick shower and then soaked in a tub filled with coconut milk and warm water to give my body a moisturizing glow.

the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (81)

the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (82)
I was surprised to see a live peacock welcome me at The Farm’s healing sanctuary :)

the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (85)

the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (86)

the-farm-at-san-benito-jotan23 (87)

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Lucky me, I was able to meet the bubbly Mr. Lem, The Farm’s Spa manager. I told him that I just had the skin kayud detox treatment and he asked how I felt, especially if I experienced headache or not. I said I felt okay and completely relaxed. He mentioned that most people who underwent the detox treatment experienced slight headache because the toxins are coming out in that form. I thought wow, I'm healthy. I don't feel anything at all (but I was wrong... after 2 hours, that was when I felt it :p ).

Anyway, he gave a few insights on how physical, mental and emotional ailments are the cumulative result of our own actions and lifestyle. Our body has the ability to heal itself – negative feelings create toxins; happy thoughts boost our immune system. We create who we are so make your own happy place. Ultimately, it’s all about forgiveness and acceptance. Relax. Be Calm. Interact with nature and absorb it.


Be healthy with Fraiche Salads (Fresh Salads)


The Farm at San Benito

119 Barangay Tipakan
Lipa City, Batangas

Contact Number: (63) 918 – 884 – 8078

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The Farm at San Benito: A Luxurious Wellness Holiday

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