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Kichitora Of Tokyo: Now Serving Authentic Ramen in Megamall


Kichitora Of Tokyo: Now Serving Authentic Ramen in Megamall

Join the ramen craze! Kichitora of Tokyo brings you the authentic taste of Japanese ramen (less the grease). How authentic, you might ask? The original branch is in Shibuya, Tokyo and the one in SM Megamall is their first international branch. But, don't worry, the recipes are the same, keeping the same exceptional quality and taste. 

What makes it unique is the high quality flour that is especially formulated for Kichitora only; and, the soup is from real chicken broth, which is carefully simmered for hours and then sifted to keep that clean taste. Each bowl of Kichitora ramen remains true to its promise, bringing Japan's soul food to Filipinos who appreciates authentic ramen.

Kichitora SM Megamall

"8 fortune tigers" and a "kimono wall"

FYI: "Kichi" means Lucky, while "Tora" means Tiger. Each character represents a symbol for the two families that collaborated to create Kichitora.

Kichitora's interior is inspired by Japan's tradition with a modern touch. The diamond design was incorporated at the kitchen's glass windows because those were very popular among old buildings in Japan while the vibrant colors of the authentic kimonos bring the store to life.

Kichitora's open kitchen with their in-house Japanese chef

Gyoza (5 pcs - Php 150)

We loved how thin the wrapper is, giving it a soft crisp and chewy bite. It's also notably not oily! So good!!!

Chicken Karaage

These fried chicken cutlets are juiciliscious! Kids love this so much that you will have to order one for each.

Imported Japanese Beer - perfect pairing for Japanese Ramen
Kirin Ichiban (Php 95)
Hitachino Nest White Ale (Php 295)

Kichitora's famous Paitan Chicken Ramen (Php 360)
(pronounced as pai-tan, NOT pa-i-tan)

Paitan means white soup, which is amazingly super tasty - very rich and flavorful, achieved after simmering the chicken in a clear broth for 8-11 hours. THIS IS A MUST TRY!!!

 Kichitora Ramen Special: Crab Seafood Ramen

The thick broth was very impressive and ooooh.. we loved the thicker noodles that were perfect with the soup that had a hint taste of lobster bisque. YUM!

Shoyu (Soy Sauce) Chicken Ramen (Php 320)

 Kichatora's Special Miso Chashu Ramen with Ma-Yu

OMG!!! With the very tender slice of rolled pork and perfect thickness of home-made noodles, this is pure delight in every bite and every slurp. I will DEFINITELY order this again and again with Kichitora's Paitan ramen.

 Paitan Chicken Tsukemen (Php 360)

Kichitora's Japanese chef makes sure that the ramen noodles are carefully cooked at the right temperature and then quickly dipped in cold water to stop the cooking process in order to maintain the chewy consistency of the noodles. Even the dipping soup is not super hot so that diners will get to appreciate and enjoy the perfectly cooked ramen.

TIP: We heard that Kichitora's Spicy Mabo Tofu with Pork Tsukemen is so good. Unfortunately, they ran out of it. MUST TRY THIS NEXT TIME.

SANTOUKA Hokkaido Ramen is now in the Philippines

(left) Coconut Tofu with Green Tea and Red Beans (Php 150)
(right) Almond Jelly with strawberry jam, mangoes and mint leaf (Php 150)

These Kichitora desserts were gone in an instant. Even the desserts are authentic - not very sweet!!! These were like Japanese "taho" in consistency, light in flavor with a refreshing finish. Oh so good that I ended up regretting having shared my dessert.

Kichitora of Tokyo

2nd Floor, Mega Atrium, 
SM Megamall, Philippines

Telephone Number: 451-2218
***They don't accept reservations***

Kichitora Store Hours:

Sun - Thu: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Fri - Sat: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Kichitora Of Tokyo: Now Serving Authentic Ramen in Megamall

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