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Romantic Spa in Tagaytay: Asmara Spa (Taal Vista Hotel)


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Romantic Spa in Tagaytay: Asmara Spa (Taal Vista Hotel)

It is common to have a relaxing spa experience in Tagaytay; but, Asmara Spa adds a luxurious romantic get-away feel to the whole experience. Situated right at the top center of Taal Vista Hotel, the professional massage experience is just fantastic, especially with the majestic view overlooking Taal Lake.

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We had the AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE. You can choose among 7 scented oils to delight your senses - peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, orange, rosemary, lemongrass and ylang-ylang. Citrus scents seemed to be the best match to keep up with our happy mood that afternoon. My husband chose orange and I, lemongrass.

asmara-spa-taal-vista-tagaytay-jotan23 (10)
Asmara Spa's outdoor massage nook for quick hand/foot/back massages and mani-pedi services

asmara-spa-taal-vista-tagaytay-jotan23 (5)
Reception Area

asmara-spa-taal-vista-tagaytay-jotan23 (6)

Asmara Spa's HUGE couple room - this is just half of the whole room. On the other end is the lovely bathtub filled with rose petals

asmara-spa-taal-vista-tagaytay-jotan23 (8)
View from our massage room
FYI: Did you know that Asmara Spa used to be Mr. Henry Sy's penthouse? No wonder it has the best view in Taal Vista Hotel :)
asmara-spa-taal-vista-tagaytay-jotan23 (7)
So romantic!!!

asmara-spa-taal-vista-tagaytay-jotan23 (9)
The massage was so good that we both fell asleep... Zzzzz ☺
Asmara Spa only has a few rooms available so better call in advance for a reservation Smile

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ASMARA SPA - Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay

For Reservations, Please call:


Asmara Spa's Menu of Services


Romantic Spa in Tagaytay: Asmara Spa (Taal Vista Hotel)

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