Friday, September 21, 2012

Top Things I Learned From Blogging

Top Things I Learned From Blogging

1. Be Honest.

Avoid biased reviews. Anything one-sided is not really helpful. A person’s credibility is on the line once he/she starts to write. However, it is still best to know that if you like something, share and tell the world; and, if you didn’t like the services/product, the management will greatly appreciate constructive criticism or comments that would be beneficial in the development of the establishment.

2. Keep Your Friends Close and IGNORE The “Enemies.”

Okay, when I say “enemies,” what I’m really pertaining to are the bad vibes or negative energy. “Haters gonna hate” so better to put all your positive energy onto something else and be productive. Most of all, do not engage in rumor mongering – this is one of the worst kind of negativity anyone could share. 

3. Join An Online Community

There are still plenty of stuffs that one should know and by joining online communities like, sharing of experiences and learning becomes easy. 

4. Be Thankful.

Be grateful for the simplest things in life. Having the freedom to express your thoughts and feelings on a blog post is also something to be thankful for. With that, you might have been able to help someone without your knowing.

Top Things I Learned From Blogging

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