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Qi Wellness in Makati Is All About Tranquility, Vitality and Harmony

Qi Wellness (Makati) - Tranquility, Vitality and Harmony

In the middle of the busy Makati district lies a place for tranquility. QiWellness offers relaxation by combining modern techniques and centuries old oriental healing to promote lasting wellness.

Qi Wellness - foot spa area

There are 3 signature massage techniques that is only available in Qi Wellness:

QiTranquility (Php 1,080, 90 minutes) - light to medium massage that uses fluid flowing strokes to aid in better blood circulation and induces calmness. In short, it is a super relaxing massage. Warning: you might fall into a deep sleep after this. 

QiWellness Massage Area

While QiTranquility is for deep relaxation and serenity, QiVitality deals with your muscle pains.

QiVitality (Php 1080, 90 minutes) - medium to hard  sensational and rejuvenating massage that focuses more on acupressure points by using knuckles to press and release muscle tensions in the body.

QiHarmony (Php 1,080, 90 minutes) - a dry massage that starts on your head down to your foot and back area. Singaporean Master Reflexologist George Tay trained the staffs of Qi Wellness, especially the tui na Chinese technique that uses push and pull method. The technique also uses the caterpillar method where the pressure starts at the tips of fingers/toes to stimulate the nerve endings - invigorating certain internal organs. For those with insomnia, this is highly recommended because QiHarmony encourages physiological changes and promotes balance all throughout the body. 

Whatever QiWellness signature massage you choose, I'm sure that you'll end up feeling refreshed and tension-free.


Located at The Picasso Boutique Residences
119 L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati City,

For reservations, please call:


Open Daily - 1PM - 11PM

Qi Wellness (Makati) - Tranquility, Vitality and Harmony

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