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Marutama Ramen And Their Famous Seasoned Egg

Marutama Ramen And Their Famous Seasoned Egg

When we went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we stayed at The Westin. Why? because the location was perfect - right across Pavilion Mall and Fahrenheit Mall. FYI, Pavilion Mall is very much similar to Greenbelt Mall here in the Philippines - so much fun going on. So anyway, our friend is a huge fan of Marutama Ramen and upon "Googling" it up, he found out that it's a mere 5-minute walk from where we're staying. So of course, that's where we had our first KL meal :)

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Marutama Ra-Men Bukit Bintang

Anyway, Marumata Ra-Men was located in Fahrenheit Mall, which is just across Pavilion. The restaurant was situated at the very far-end side -- and it was really quiet when we got there. We got a bit worried it won't be as good as the one in Singapore...

Char Siu Gohan (RM 8)

The roast pork rice topping was just okay. My friend said that the one in Singapore was better.

Additional Marutama Ramen Char Siu (RM 6, 3 slices of roast pork)

Okay so before anything else, we made sure we ordered additional pork slices. (We do not want to get *bitin* factor while slurping our noodles :)

Also, those are roasted garlic chips at the background. Mix the garlic and sesame seeds (not in picture) together with the noodle+soup for a yummier experience.

 Marutama Ra-Men's AJITSUKE TAMAGO RAMEN (RM 20)

There were plenty of Marutama Ramen specials to choose from and it took us a little while to decide but we had to stick to the group's all-time favorite: Ajitsuke Tamago Ramen :)

Check Marutama Ramen Menu HERE.

Marutama Ramen's All-Time Favorite

This consists of chicken soup, signature ramen, a slice of really tender roast pork (melts in your mouth), seaweeds, spring onions, and *drum roll* a seasoned egg.

What exactly makes this ramen so special? The answer is in their seasoned egg, which is cooked oh so perfectly - well done on the outside and medium-well in the center. *SIGH*

When in Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia or Singapore, I highly recommend you to go to the nearest Marutama Ra-Men restaurant and enjoy the delicious "umami" taste of this heavenly dish. (I do hope someone will put up a branch here in the Philippines SOON)

Marutama Ra-Men

available in 6 countries worldwide

Marutama Ramen And Their Famous Seasoned Egg

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