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Day THREE (PART 2) - 4D3N Coron Adventure - CORON ISLAND TOUR

After our MALCAPUYA LOOP TOUR, we're now headed to BANOL beach for lunch and start our CORON ISLAND TOUR (Php 1,500 / boat)

It took us at approximately 30 minutes to reach BANOL BEACH from BULOG ISLAND.
We had to pay Php 100 each in BANOL BEACH, which was okay because we got to use the Picnic Huts. 
Make sure you put on insect repellents because there were lots of mosquitos here too.
 The beach was perfect for swimming and picture taking. 
There were some fishes also, mostly light colored fishes :) 
 Some were even as white as the sand.
Just don't go too far off from the shore because you'll never know what's down under.
Banol Beach was so nice :)
It was indeed very relaxing :)
Until then, BANOL BEACH...

If it's LOW TIDE, then it is safe to swim under the passageway.
Some tourists still choose to dive under that small tunnel even if it's high tide.
A lot of accidents already happened and you would not want to be one of them, right?
The tunnel has sharp rocks so be careful. Just go with the ladder if it's HIGH TIDE.
The water in TWIN LAGOON is very hazy, which is mainly due to the mixture of freshwater and saltwater :)
The temperature under is very different from the surface. Find out for yourself!
We did not see any fish in the area but we did get to see this friendly and harmless jellyfish.
See how hazy the water is?
Limestone Cliffs were everywhere!!

Let me just remind you... MOSQUITOES were everywhere!!! 
TOTO said that this only happens during the rainy season.But still, it was like MOSQUITO ISLAND!!!!
The stairs were very steep and slippery.
When you reach the top, make sure you make a pit stop at the most famous spot in Coron for picture taking.
This was the most photographed place in Coron.
Some even climb up that spot to get a better view shot :)

If you're not a good swimmer, then don't forget to bring your life vests.

The water here was so clear and "fresh" so hooray!... our eyes got a rest from the salty sea.
There were schools of baby swordfish :) but they're harmless.

However, we saw a baby crocodile or was it a baby alligator? It ran away so I was not able to take a closer look.
This must be the kids' favorite place in Coron because there were a lot of kids enjoying the place, compared to the other islands. Probably because the water doesn't hurt their eyes :)

This Marine Park had the widest variety of fishes!

There were fishes of different sizes! Some were really HUGE :)
We even saw a giant Lapu Lapu but it's illegal to catch fish here. 
The boatmen were very serious with protecting the area, which was nice to know :)
Aside from the abundance of fishes, there were also plenty of interesting corals in SIETE PECADOS.
Bringing of bread is a MUST!!!
My friend was smart! She just sat on the boat's ladder and brought out the bread. All kinds of fishes came swarming seconds later.
If you're in CORON, you must visit SIETE PECADOS. 
It's the BEST snorkelling spot in the island :)


1. Don't bring SUN Cell Sim Card. It won't work in Coron. There's no SUN signal.
2. INSECT REPELLENT is a must!!!
3. AQUA SHOES / Trekking sandals is a must.
4. Stores/Shops normally close at 10pm.
5. Streets are dark at night. BRING FLASHLIGHT. Don't worry, Coron is a safe town.
6. BRING PLASTIC BAGS so you can collect your trash in the island and bring them back to the boat.
7. BRING SNACKS and BOTTLED WATER in the boat because you will be out the whole day.
8. BRING BREAD for fish feeding.
9. USE an UNDERWATER CAMERA, preferably CANON D10 :)

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