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Day THREE (PART 1) - 4D3N Coron Adventure - MALCAPUYA LOOP

Our itinerary for day 3 was so packed I could hardly wait for it to start.

We asked TOTO to meet us at LAMBINGAN BRIDGE.
Careful with the bridge... watch your steps!!! You would not want to fall off that bridge..believe me!

It was about 7am when we started our tour and the view was just perfect!
 That's the CORON ala HOLLYWOOD sign on the left and MOUNT TAPYAS on the right.
 Mt. Tapyas 

CORON Hollywood sign

By the way, here is a price list of boat rentals just for comparison. It was posted near CORON PUBLIC MARKET.

For the first half of today's trip, our itinerary was to visit the MALCAPUYA LOOP.
Toto charged us Php 3,000 for MALCAPUYA LOOP Tour, which included MALCAPUYA ISLAND, glimpse of BANANA ISLAND, DITAYTAYAN (sandbar) ISLAND and BULOG ISLAND.

It took us about 1.5-2 hours to reach MALCAPUYA but it was a super relaxing trip. The sea was calm so we had a really smooth ride :)
 Perfect white beach of MALCAPUYA ISLAND
 We were charged Php 150 each as entrance fee.
You have to make the most of the entrance fees because in reality, you don't get to spend a lot of time on each island. Before you know it, you're already spending a lot of money for the whole trip and your wallet is beginning to get thinner and thinner :p
 That's the only resort in Malcapuya at the back.

I wouldn't recommend staying here because the island is very far and there is not much to see or do here. I would definitely recommend staying in CORON TOWN PROPER if you would like to go to different restaurants every night. 
But if you really want to stay at a beach resort, then CLUB PARADISE would be the best!

We stayed in Malcapuya for less than an hour because we still have to go to other islands.

As you go from one island to another, fishes jumping out of the water would be an ordinary sight.
Some even catch fresh tuna :)

That's BANANA ISLAND but Toto said that we can skip it since it is very similar to MALCAPUYA and that MALCAPUYA had a nicer beach than this one.

Next was the long sandbar of DITAYTAYAN ISLAND (Php 150/pax)

We didn't want to leave the island because it was just perfect!!!! But Toto knew better!! He had to remind us that there's still more and that he will bring us to a better island, which was initially not in our itinerary.

Below is BULOG ISLAND. There are 2 BULOG islands.. BULOG 1 and BULOG 2. 
Toto said that WALING WALING Resort in Boracay was able to buy the island and is now being developed that's why the entrance fee was Php 200
He was not sure though if it was really WALING WALING but definitely a resort in Boracay. Entrance fee will go higher by the following months as the development progress. 

He mentioned that BORACAY RESORT OWNERS are already negotiating on buying the other available islands in Coron. I am not so sure if this was a good idea :( 
I truly hope Coron won't be over-developed and commercialized as Boracay.

 BULOG 1 seemed like a never-ending sandbar. 
The sand was just so soft and white!!!
 I am not sure if the sandbar connects BULOG 1 and 2.
I did not pay much attention at that time :p
 Because everyone was just so busy exploring the beauty of BULOG
 The water was so clear and there's also a great spot for snorkeling
  BULOG was perfect!!!! 
It was the BEST BEACH in Coron!!!!

and now... we're off to lunch!

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