Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Funtime with BABIES Bianca Nicole and Sofia Gabrielle

Little did Bianca and Gabrielle know that this meeting would be the start of a beautiful friendship...Bianca: i want more milk, mommy! i want to sleep now.
Sofia Gabrielle: Mommy, don't do that please... you're squishing my cheeks
Bianca: *burp* i guess it's time to sleep... play with you later Gabrielle
Sofia Gabrielle: ok, Bianca, i'll play with your mommy's pillows first teeheehee

Sofia Gabrielle: ooooh.. this is my first time to see a comb! i wonder why mommy doesn't have one? hmmmBianca: Hi Sofia! I'm awake and recharged!!! ain't I adorable?

Mommy Lorraine: of course, you are, honey!
Sofia Gabrielle: yey! let's play!

and so mommy Lorraine played with the 2 babies...

oh how they love her!

Bianca: i'm done playing! where's my milk please?
Bianca: oh no! Sofia, nooooooo... i'm too small for you.. no.. please don't hug me.. please...
mommy Lorraine and baby Bianca: "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH"

Bianca: hello? hello, telephone? hello?
Bianca: this is my model look. do you like it?
Bianca: *ho-hum* i love it when mommy brushes my hair..it's soo relaxing! makes me wanna sleep again hihihi
Sofia Gabrielle: I want you to meet my favorite playmate, Auntie Joanne. We love each other so much! can't you see? hihihihi

mommy Lorraine: i love you, my little angel Bianca
Baby Bianca; i love you too, my pretty mommy
Mommy Lorraine and Mommy Ann Karen; "you are my life, baby"

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