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OLIC Filipino Restaurant (Makati) Serves The Best Sisig

OLIC Filipino Restaurant (Makati) Serves The Best Sisig

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“Olic Restaurant is a fresh new take on Authentic Filipino food, fresh from our own Farms to your Table.”

Olic, the restaurant owner’s mom is a Kapampangan. The team used her as the source of inspiration for their authentic Filipino dishes. No need for further introduction but I would like to declare that this is one of those few Filipino restaurants that I genuinely liked. 
Value for money: QUALITY with lingering satisfaction.

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The ambiance is quite simple and well thought of. White walls with green accents made the the place feel more spacious with high ceiling and great choice of furniture. I wonder how may people were needed to carry that long hardwood table?!

Olic-Filipino-Restaurant-Makati-jotan23 a
The staffs’ uniforms are impressive as well – very modern Filipino.

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OLIC’s Homemade Tinapa Pate (Php 185)
MUST TRY!!! Olic’s famous homemade tinapa with herbed cream cheese and toasted crostinis. It’s like the Filipino version of Philadelphia Cream Cheese Smoked Salmon Spread.

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Seafood Sinigang “Tamarind Soup” (Php 365)
Sour broth with tomato, sitaw, gabi, raddish and kangkong.
The shrimps were really fresh and the soup was flavorful but I would have loved it more if it was a bit more sour.

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Maya-Maya (Php395)
Pan seared maya-maya fish with coconut and fresh fruits.
The mango salsa complemented the fish so well. Perfect for fish-lovers.

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Original Pork Sisig Kapampangan Style (Php 265)
MUST ORDER!!! Sisig without egg, cooked the original way with the right amount of citrus and spice. OLIC's SISIG is THE BEST SISIG for me so far. This was the highlight of our dinner. How could a simple sisig be this good?

TRIVIA: According to OLIC’s head chef, among all the dishes in their menu, this is the most challenging, even more challenging than the kare-kare or the lamb kaldereta because it takes practice and skill to achieve the perfect flavor that it has.

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Pork Adobo (Php 365)
MUST TRY!!! This is not your normal adobo. This was grilled and cooked so well that even without the sauce, the flavor is deeply absorbed – smokey, sweet and salty.

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Bistek Tagalog (Php 1,200)
Olic’s Bistek Tagalog is served like a steak. Grilled US Rib Eye with citrus soy glaze and potato.

TIP: Make sure to have it cooked medium rare to medium or else the meat may get a bit tough to chew.

Olic-Filipino-Restaurant-Makati-jotan23 (9)
Lamb Kaldereta (Php 495)
Fall-off-the-bone braised lamb shank in rich Filipino tomato sauce. The meat was tender and the sauce would make you want to have another cup of rice.

We were not able to try the dessert since they have very limited dessert menu but I’m sure they’re exceptionally yummy as well.


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OLIC Filipino Restaurant

"Olic Restaurant is a fresh new take on Authentic Filipino food, fresh from our own Farms to your Table."

Unit 7, 2nd Floor
Alphaland Makati Place
Ayala Avenue corner Malugay Street,
Makati City

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OLIC Filipino Restaurant (Makati) Serves The Best Sisig

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