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Mermaid Lessons In Manila: Make Your Dream Come True

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Mermaid Lessons In Manila: Make Your Dream Come True

I believe that we have all wished or pretended to be a mermaid at least once in our lives, especially during summer trips to the beach. For (Mermaid) Roxy Barrios, being one with the water is something she has always wanted, something destined to be.

She grew up exposed to water life. Her mom, a swimming coach; and, her dad, a scuba instructor trainer. Mermaid Roxy had her first swimming lesson as early as three months old and until now, being in water is something that she desires the most.

She has been teaching her own swimming lessons program (beginners and advanced levels) since her teenage years and has been a “mermaid” in several movies and television projects here in the Philippines. (She even got to be “Dyesebel”).

Now, Mermaid Roxy wants to share with everyone the exhilarating feeling of being a mermaid. With her swimming program and mermaid lessons, you can be Ariel or Dyesebel even just for a day.
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Little Mermaid Sofia, Me and Mermaid Roxy

About the Program
Mermaid Swimming School
Make your mermaid fantasy come true with our classes for kids and kids at heart. The session begins with a brief introduction and overview of the program, which includes a bit of interesting facts about the sea, ocean conservation, safety rules, proper suiting and care of the tails and equipment (all provided). It proceeds with warming up, proper breathing skills, and buoyancy control. After which, the actual mermaid swimming is conducted using the correct propulsion and underwater maneuvering. We end the class with a few drills and games, as well as a photo shoot.

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Mermaid Roxy is GREAT with kids and she has her own way of charming the kids to listening to her fun facts and instructions
mermaid-lessons-manila-jotan23-teacher-roxy-barrios (2)
Warming up with kicking and breathing exercises
mermaid-lessons-manila-jotan23-teacher-roxy-barrios (3)
Fun games that encourage the kids to dive underwater.
Even I had fun with the games :p
mermaid-lessons-manila-jotan23-teacher-roxy-barrios (4)
Practice dolphin kicking without the monofin
mermaid-lessons-manila-jotan23-teacher-roxy-barrios (7)
mermaid-lessons-manila-jotan23-teacher-roxy-barrios (8)
It was so exciting to finally swim with the monofin. 
Now, we’re like real mermaids
mermaid-lessons-manila-jotan23-teacher-roxy-barrios (14)
Who says this is just for girls?
My nephew, Trent, enjoyed being a Merman, too
mermaid-lessons-manila-jotan23-teacher-roxy-barrios (12)
That’s me
mermaid-lessons-manila-jotan23-teacher-roxy-barrios (13)
My six year old niece enjoyed it the most.

If you’re wondering, YES, kids need to KNOW how to do basic swimming in order to be able to do mermaid lessons or else, they might not enjoy it since they’ll be scared all the time.
Was it worth it?!

Check out Mermaid Roxy Barrios’s Summer Schedule:
BE A MERMAID. Reserve your slot now!

Mermaid Roxy also accepts “Made-to-order Mermaid Tails.” This is a  privilege shared by students of the institute. Take your “mermaiding” a notch higher by having a tail made for you.
Mermaid Teacher Roxy with the WhenInManila team

Mermaid Lessons In Manila: Make Your Dream Come True

Mermaid Roxy Barrios
Follow her on Instagram: @mermaidinstitute

Mermaid Lessons In Manila: Make Your Dream Come True

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