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ZAMBAWOOD – A Resort Like No Other


ZAMBAWOOD – A Resort Like No Other

Zambawood is a paradise on earth that is enjoyed most by people who appreciate tranquility, peace and natural beauty. This is unlike your ordinary private beach resort because above all its mesmerizing beauty is a greater purpose.

Zambawood is owned and designed by Architect Rachel Harrison who was blessed with a son, Julyan, with special needs. Julyan is now 21 years old and as a loving parent, she has devoted most of her time in researching on how to enhance and make Julyan’s life easier and happier. One can only do so much; but, Rachel, a mom of 3, has never given up. She will never ever lose hope, will always keep on believing and will make her dreams for her son come true. So, Rachel and her husband have decided that in this world, they had to design a life for Julyan and to create a purpose for him.

zambawood-resort-zambales-philippines-jotan23-julyan's farm

Julyan needs to stick to a schedule, a routine. Rachel, always full of great ideas, thought of making a farm where Julyan can happily tend to his plants and harvest as part of his daily activities. It was no easy task. The Harrison family is based in Singapore and Rachel had to divide her time to make this dream come true for Julyan. Her husband’s job requires the family to travel from place to place but Rachel chose the Philippines – Zambales, her hometown, as the perfect place for Julyan. He can water the plant, till the soil and harvest. Aside from his farming activities, Julyan also loves to walk by the beach or surf :)

zambawood-resort-zambales-philippines-jotan23 (15)

Zambawood is a modern private beach house property created for Julyan, who is currently living there and enjoying his new life as a farmer. Since Rachel and the rest of the family only come here once a month, they are now opening it to the public. They wanted to share their resort to people to want to de-stress and detach totally from the city life. If you happen to see Julyan in the property, don’t be shy – smile and say “Hi” 

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Rachel’s artistic mind and creativity flows through the whole property. Zambawood’s style is industrial-chic: wood, cement and glass adorned by personal stuff collected from their travels through the years. The gorgeous white hammock, which captures everyone’s attention, is a 40 year old treasure from Venezuela. Even the 14-yr-old wooden place-mats are from their personal collection and they are sharing these to people who want to stay in their house.

zambawood-resort-zambales-philippines-jotan23 (8)



zambawood-resort-zambales-philippines-jotan23 (1)

zambawood-resort-zambales-philippines-jotan23 (9)
Wooden floor decking is from ancestral houses.

Zambawood is a place to make memories. Every person who comes here will have a different experience because when you stay here, you “own” the place. There is a reason why they make movies here; and, the more you stay here, the more you fall in love with the place. Believe me, it's true. We were supposed to stay for overnight only and ended up staying 3 nights instead. I think we just left our hearts in Zambawood, a resort like no other.

Sheila Suyat and Vince Golangco of WhenInManila.Com

Our Zambawood memories consist of pure happiness: making new friends, a walk into the woods, picnic by the beach, ride the ATV, bonfire and sharing stories, wine and dine under the stars with sumptuous meals prepared by the owner’s nephew, Chef Martin Bakunawa. Basically, the whole trip was all about “CHILLAXING In Style.”

Chef Martin Bakunawa and Architect Rachel Harrison (Owner)

zambawood-resort-zambales-philippines-jotan23 (29)



Sunset Beach Picnic Set-Up



IMPORTANT note: As part of Rachel’s dreams, the plan is for Zambawood to expand and to provide more leisure and activities, most especially for children with special needs. This way, every member of the family will have a memorable and enjoyable stay. 

***I sincerely admire Rachel's strength and her dedication. May her story inspire more people and may all her altruistic dreams come true.

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Zambawood’s RATE: (*Subject to change without prior notice)
Php 45,000 for the WHOLE HOUSE per night
- Rate is good for 10 pax only; additional charges/pax will apply in excess of 10
- Children 7 years old and below are FREE of charge
- 4 bedrooms with aircon
- Maximum of 20 pax
- Sunset beach set-up included
- Breakfast included
- Free WiFi in the whole house
***Massage service: Php 500/hour

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zambawood-resort-zambales-philippines-jotan23 (12)

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How to go to Zambawood:
Only 3.5 hr drive from Manila or 1 hr 45 min from Clark
- from NLEX: take SCTEX exit (last tollgate of NLEX)
- from SCTEX: take route going to Subic/SBMA
- from SBMA tollgate: turn RIGHT into Rizal Highway
- Go STRAIGHT (past Harbour Point Mall) till you reach the dead end

- Turn LEFT (on your right is the tollgate to Olongapo City)
- Turn RIGHT at the first intersection (Canal St)
- Exit Kalaklan Gate (tollgate to Zambales)
- Turn LEFT going to Zambales

- Go STRAIGHT along the path, passing Subic Town, Town of Castillejos, Town of San Marcelino and Town of San Narciso)
- from Town of San Narciso: turn LEFT right after the San Narciso Town Hall
- Follow road signs going to CRYSTAL BEACH

- Drive past Crystal Beach Resort all the way to the end of the road. You will see an iron gate. That is Zambawood.


zambawood-resort-zambales-philippines-jotan23 (28)


La Paz, San Narciso, Zambales
For reservations, please contact:

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ZAMBAWOOD – A Resort Like No Other

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