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Things To Do In Bohol

Things To Do In Bohol 

1. Watch daylight unfold as you take an early morning ride aboard a native boat for some DOLPHIN WATCHING (and whales, if you get lucky).

2. Enjoy a picnic lunch at Pamilican Island's quiet beach.

3. Drive by or take a hike on the Baclayon Adventure Trail.

4. Take panoramic shots on top of the viewing deck of Bohol's most famous Chocolate Hills.

TIP: If you took the stairs going up, I highly suggest for you to take the ramp on your way down to enjoy a more scenic view of the place.

FYI: Did you know that the chocolate hills are not made up of soil, but of coral limestone? These 1700++ hills are actually scattered in different towns of Bohol, which were initially underwater and only emerged after strong volcanic eruptions ages ago. Also, some hills have caves which are now being developed for another possible tourist destination.

5. On your way down from the chocolate hills viewing area, you might want to stop by the Man-Made Forest and have a picture taken (or not :p) 

FYI: This man-made forest was from a successful reforestation program by the government to prevent landslides. The mahogany trees were planted by the boy scouts and girl scouts of Bohol in the 1950s. It was really beautiful! I wish the government could do more projects like this :)

6. See a Tarsier, but please refrain from touching and using flash photography.

Sadly, these cute animals are now endangered. Before, there used to be a lot of small houses where you can go and take a picture with a tarsier up close. Unfortunately, this has caused plenty of tarsier suicides. Tarsiers are very social in nature and when held in captivity, away from their family, they get so stressed and bang their heads (the most delicate part of their body) on the branches to die. Now, Bohol has set up a Tarsier Conservation Area protected by the locals, where the animals can live in their natural habitat. Entrance fee: Php 60, open from 8AM - 5PM

7. Have a late lunch at the Loboc River Cruise. 

TIP: Pick a table at the end of the boat because this has the best view.

Food is set up buffet style, usually consisting of steamed shrimp, pork adobo, fried chicken, grilled fish, pork bbq, veggies, stir-fried noodles, cucumber salad, seaweed salad, clear soup, native sweets, fruits. Don't expect it to be of top quality but they were okay :) Buffet Lunch: Php 350 per person plus Php 100 for maintenance, safety and security charges.

Get serenaded by the locals and watch/join a folk dance.

8. Visit Baclayon Church and its museum.

That is the original century old door of Baclayon Church

Inside Baclayon Church

They are still accommodating weddings here!!! 

FYI: Baclayon Church was built in 1727 and is known to be the oldest coral stone church in the region. It is considered to be one of the oldest in Asia and among the best-preserved Jesuit-built churches in the Philippines. 

The museum consists of the old collections of the things used in the church from centuries ago. No cameras allowed inside. The wooden floors are still the original floors from when it was built - it was literally walking in history! Wow! Entrance fee to the museum: Php 50.

9. Go to Abatan river for a romantic Firefly watching at night.

10. Book an appointment and have the most memorable Spa experience at Fontana Aurelia Spa at The Peacock Garden Boutique Resort and Spa

Things To Do In Bohol and Where to Stay

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