Wednesday, April 24, 2013

TRAVEL IN STYLE (Shangri-La Fashion Show 2013)

shang-fashion-show-2013 (44)

TRAVEL IN STYLE (Shangri-La Fashion Show 2013)

“Shang shows you how to travel in style to the different vacation spots in a hot fashion show featuring the freshest collection this summer season.”

shang-fashion-show-2013 (2) ZARA

shang-fashion-show-2013 (6)

shang-fashion-show-2013 (8) CONVERSE b

shang-fashion-show-2013 (10) PETIT BATEAU b
Petit Bateau

shang-fashion-show-2013 (12)  ESPRIT and ELLE GIRL
Esprit   |   ELLE Girl

shang-fashion-show-2013 (15)  DEBENHAMS

shang-fashion-show-2013 (18( PJ's SLEEPWEAR- OSHKOSH-MOTHERCARE
PJs Sleepwear   |   Mothercare   |   OshKosh B’Gosh

shang-fashion-show-2013 (24)

shang-fashion-show-2013 (27) NAFNAF

shang-fashion-show-2013 (31) THE RAMP CROSSINGS a
The RAMP Crossings Department Store

shang-fashion-show-2013 (37) QUICKSILVER  ROXY
Quiksilver / DC / Roxy

shang-fashion-show-2013 (42)

shang-fashion-show-2013 (48)  FOR ME
For Me

shang-fashion-show-2013 (50)  BAYO

shang-fashion-show-2013- PERIWINKLE (1)
shang-fashion-show-2013- PERIWINKLE (2)

TRAVEL IN STYLE (Shangri-La Fashion Show 2013)

April 20, 2013
East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza


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TRAVEL IN STYLE (Shangri-La Fashion Show 2013)

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