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My One Day Affair With Cebu: Oslob's Whalesharks, Sumilon Island and Tumalog Falls

My One Day Affair With Cebu: Oslob's Whalesharks, Sumilon Island and Tumalog Falls

10 friends. One Plane. Exploring Cebu in ONE Day. HAD LOADS OF FUN. It's POSSIBLE.

My friends and I were scheduled to go to Cambodia last year but due to unfortunate events, only 3 of us from the group were able to go. But hey, luck is still with us. Special thanks to Cebu Pacific's low fares for making this impromptu Cebu trip possible :D

Manila to Cebu: Depart Manila at 4:55AM
Cebu City to Oslob: 3 hour drive
Tan-Awan, Oslob: Swim with the whalesharks for 30 minutes to 1 hour
Tumalog Falls: 5-10 minutes drive plus 10-15 minutes trek
LUNCH: Delectable lunch at George and Jimmy's Resort
Sumilon Island: 20 minutes boat ride from the resort to the pristine white beach
Oslob to Cebu City: another 3 hour drive
DINNER: (You may skip Zubuchon), head over to The Original AA BBQ
Cebu to Manila: Depart Cebu at 9:40PM and arrive Manila at 11-ish PM :)

TOTAL EXPENSES PAID Per Person: Php 4,290 (Including airfare, tour and food) :D

The Ultimate Experience With The GENTLE GIANTS
Tan-awan, Oslob, Cebu

Sweethearts Cha-Ris with the friendly butanding

Oslob boatmen regularly feed the young gentle giants. This is the reason why they keep on coming back to the area and why they're not afraid of people. 

Alvin Choy - Synchronized swimming with the whaleshark

We were this close! It was a completely different experience from our Donsol WhaleShark Watching adventure trip.

They swim too close to us, literally swimming side by side. We have to be always aware to keep our distance. It was indeed an overwhelming experience :D

After the whaleshark encounter, we enjoyed the short trek to Tumalog Falls

Tumalog Falls

LUNCHTIME at George and Jimmy's Resort. They say that they're famous for their lechon manok. We tried it but it was lacking in flavor. We liked their liempo more :)

From Tan-awan, we had to take a 20 minute boat ride to reach Sumilon Island

...approaching Sumilon Island...

Powdery fine sand :)

We loved the pristine beach of Sumilon Island.
When in Oslob, you should NOT miss this.

"It's MORE FUN in the Philippines!"

Before leaving Cebu, we had to try the specialty Zubuchon. We did but we weren't impressed so we went to The Original AA BBQ instead and my goodness, we highly recommend it!!! (TIP: order the spicy longganisa and their juice in a pitcher!!!) *Burp*

Until then, Cebu :)

My One Day Affair With Cebu: Oslob's Whalesharks, Sumilon Island and Tumalog Falls

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