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Greeka Kouzina Brings Greece To San Juan


Greeka Kouzina Brings Greece To San Juan

Transport yourselves to the island of Greece as Greeka Kouzina serve you loads of meats the way Greeks do - in huge portions, meant to be shared and enjoyed by a group of people.

Lifestyle is a choice. With more and more people getting conscious with what they eat, Greeka Kouzina is one of the best restaurants to go to. Everything is served fresh and  cooked in olive oil (except for the fried calamares, of course). 

Every main dish comes with your choice of siding. I suggest you get the Spanakorizo (spinach rice) if you are the type of person who needs rice with your meal. 

Greeka Kouzina's inviting ambiance has a very relaxed atmosphere where spontaneous conversations are enjoyed over great food and drinks.


The second floor can also hold private events such as product launching, birthday parties, etc.

Watercress Blue Cheese Salad (Php 300)

Thinly sliced sweet pears coupled with the sharp and distinct flavor of blue cheese mixed with greens and big watercress added with walnut crunch - MUST TRY :) Just to warn you, this is good for 4-5 pax.

Spanakopita (Spinach Pie - Php 280)

Greeka Kouzina's spanakopita is the perfect dish for those watching their weight. It is very light and made with 98% fat-free phyllo pastry baked with spinach, feta and Greek herbs, served with their home-made tzatziki sauce (yogurt with cucumbers).

Greeka Kouzina's BESTSELLER: 

Arni Lemonato (Roast Lamb - Php 490)

This 5-hour roasted lamb was so tender it just falls off the bone. "Sarap to the bone" literally because the bone marrow was super tasty as well.

Moussaka - a delectable grilled eggplant layered with beef tomato sauce and cheesy bechamel complemented our roasted lamb.

Paidaka (Lamb Rib Cutlets - Php 520)

I think this is my favorite - tenderly grilled lamb cutlets marinated in Greeka Kouzina's signature spices, served with a mint lemon sauce. However, I still prefer mint jelly with my lamb, which is available only upon request.

Greek Couscous Salad

Greeka Kouzina's couscous salad was a refreshing delight to our palates, especially with the two flavorful lamb dishes we had. It had sweet heirloom tomatoes, regular tomatoes and cherry tomatoes ♥♥♥

Beef Souvlaki (Php 360)

Souvlaki refers to delectable char-grilled skewers of meat and vegetables. We had the juicy beef skewer - oh so good! Do try and partner it with the home-made tzatziki sauce and surprise your senses.

Spanakakorizo (Spinach Rice)

The beef souvlaki comes with one skewer per order; and the best siding to partner it with is Greeka Kouzina's spinach rice for a complete hearty meal. The spanakorizo consists of rice, spinach, mint and dill herbs sprinkled with feta cheese. (it's already a meal in itself - so deliciously good)

Baklava (Php 180)

If you want to have an authentic Greek dessert, you might want to try Greeka Kouzina's baklava - layered phyllo pastry with pistachio, walnuts and cashews topped with guiltless Greek yogurt. It was okay but I'm sure I will like it more with a frozen yogurt instead :)


285 P. Guevarra St., San Juan
(Formerly POWER MAC Service Center)

Telephone Number: 624-5974

Store Hours:
Monday to Sunday:
Lunch: 11:30 am - 3:00 pm
Dinner: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Facebook: Greeka Kouzina

Greeka Kouzina Brings Greece To San Juan

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