Sunday, April 04, 2010

Brunch at Chef Laudico's Bistro Filipino (The Fort, Taguig City)

We got excited upon hearing Bistro Filipino's order all you can BRUNCH for only Php 788++
and so we decided to try it for ourselves :p

There were 4 conditions from Bistro Filipino:
1. Items will be served plated, half our regular ala carte portion.
2. Clean plate policy applies.A surcharge of P100 will be charged for every unfinished dish ordered.
3. No sharing with guest not availing of the same promo.
4. Orders cannot be cancelled once cooked.

Okay... we're SET!!!
For starters, we were given some bread and butter..hmmm... do they want us to get full right away??

SISIG BASKET - bite size sisig baskets to be popped in once mouth!
(3 per serving) oh! that's a quail egg at the bottom of the shooter glass :)

STUFFED FISH BALL - this would have been a BIG disappointment if it was not spicy. (3 per serving)

PALABOK BITES - this was forgettable (3 per serving)

UBOD SPRING ROLL - the group's favorite. The frozen vinegar was great with the lumpia (3 per serving)

PRITO TRIO - fried squid and other seafood served with crab fat sauce. YUM! (3 BIG servings)

PAELLA ARROZ CALDO - one of the favorites as well. They did not scrimp on the ingredients and meat. (one serving per order)

WAGYU and LENGUA ESTOFADO - the wagyu steak was soooooooooo tender and the sauce was absolutely perfect with the beef and lengua!!! YUMMIEEEEEEE (one per serving)

US ANGUS BEEF KARE KARE - i've had better kare kare :) But this was also good. (one per serving)

COCONUT CHICKEN CURRY - this was also yummy :) (one per serving)

CALAMARI WITH CRAB FAT - I love crab fat  so I must say that this one, i ♥ as well (one per serving)

SHITAKE MUSHROOM SOUP - way too salty for me (one per serving)

BINAGOONGAN CRISPY PATA - it was also good, but I wish there was less fat (one per serving)

(4 per serving) This was heavy :p but nothing special about it other than the fact that they used ANGUS BEEF :p

US ANGUS BEEF with GARLIC RICE and EGG served to your liking
(one per serving) in simple terms, it's TAPSILOG :p

PRAWN SINIGANG MARTINI - probably the most interesting dish in the menu!!! (one per serving)
The soup itself is like jelly with a hot lemongrass on the side, which should be poured over the martini glass before eating it. It might sound gross but believe me, it was GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!  Sinigang with a twist!!!

3 KINDS OF MANGO SALAD - I wondered if there were really 3 kinds of mangoes put in the salad because it seemed like only one kind of ripe mango was used. (one per serving)

Nope, we're not yet full...
Of course, we saved room for dessert!!!

SUMAN CAKE - suman cake with coconut flakes and mango (one per serving)

MOLTEN CHOCOLATE - luscious goodness!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm (one per serving)

DECONSTRUCTED SANS RIVAL -  could've been better if it was served frozen :) (one per serving)

SPANISH CHOCOLATE - very rich and goes GUH-REYT with their HALO HALO :) (one per serving)

HALO HALO NAPOLEON - the frozen milk was soooo good! But this is not your ordinary halo halo, there was very little ingredients in it. It was more of a frozen milk with Ube Ice cream but it was heavenly when mixed with  the SPANISH CHOCOLATE dessert. (one per serving)

BANANA Q TART - yummy goodness!!! everybody should try this one!!! (one per serving)

For drinks, you should try their SAMPALOK JUICE and LEMONGRASS ICED TEA :)
I prefer the SAMPALOK JUICE  :p

We were lucky enough to have a chat with the Chef himself!!!!
Ligie with Chef Rolando

After complementing him on the food and the interior of the place, he told us that he was just lucky because his mom was an Interior Designer and his sister an architect! Wow!

Here's a sneak peek of the place:

The cool toilet with red wall and lighting:

The main dining area

Chef Rolando Laudico was super nice. He even gave us a complimentary Selecta Gold Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream.

This was a special ice cream made by Chef Laudico for Selecta :) and it was delightful!!!

G/F Net 2 Building, 3rd Avenue
Fort Bonifacio, Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila

FOR RESERVATIONS, please contact: 856-0634, 856-0541 or 0917-800CHEF (2433)

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