Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Balai Taal, Tagaytay

BALAI TAAL is THE PERFECT VENUE for a small intimate WEDDING!!!

Mang Nelson, the caretaker, was kind enough to show us around the place AGAIN :p
This time, we went with Zenas Pineda, my cousin's florist/stylist so she'll be able to design the place better.

This is the view from the 3rd level of House 3

A spot for Chillaxing

Garden 3 - the smallest garden among the three gardens in Balai Taal.
This is where the cocktail tables will be set-up.

Garden 3 to Garden 2

One of the rooms in Balai Taal
(They were still cleaning the house when we got in)

Another angle of the room
(The curtain was down but the view from the room is the garden)

Bathroom with his and hers sink; and, a separate toilet area from the shower area.

Small living area in the 3rd level of Balai Taal

Small counter for anything - washing, making coffee, etc.

Living area at the 2nd floor

Another room in Balai Taal

another one of the bathrooms

Main lobby of Balai Taal

Pathway from the house to the parking lot

The parking area

road to House 4

House 4

Stairs from House 4 parking area to Garden 4

View of House 2 and 3 from Garden 4
(Garden 4 - place for the ceremony)

The Gazebo at Garden 4

Magnificent view from the gazebo at Garden 4

Yep, that's the Taal Volcano!!!

i love BALAI TAAL!!!!
The place is truly wonderful!

Secret passage (from Garden 4) going to the secret garden below

The secret garden is a fabulous place for the photo-ops.

Jacuzzi in the middle of the secret garden :)

House 4 and Garden 4

Stairway from Garden 4 to Garden 3

Pathway from the end of the stairs (from Garden 4) going to Garden 3

House 3
All houses in Balai Taal are identical.
Each has 6 rooms in total.
2 bedrooms (king-sized beds plus extra folding bed if needed) - 3rd level
3 bedrooms (2 rooms with king-sized beds plus extra folding bed if needed; 1 kids' room with 2 pull-out single beds) - 2nd level
1 maids' room - lower level

House 2 and Garden 2
(Reception area)

Under this huge tree will be the AVP projector screen and Dance Floor

Living Area at the lower level of Balai Taal

Long dining table at the lower level

Huge dirty kitchen
(The caterer will love this)

Kitchen area


Maids' room (they have their own shower room)

Toilet for the guests
(lower level)

*Balai Taal at night*
(these nightshots were grabbed from Anton's Blogsite)

For Reservations and/or inquiries regarding owning a lot,
please contact Mang Nelson at (63)(906)(500-6633)

Balai Taal Package Rates as of October 2008:
* A deposit of 25,000 pesos is required to reserve the date
* Guests can check-in as early as 6am and check-out as late as 6pm :)

Package A - 154,000 pesos
House 2 - 3 days, 2 nights
House 3 - 2 days, 1 night
100-150 pax

Package B - 128,000 pesos
House 2 and 3 - 2 days, 1 night
100-150 pax

Package C - 108,000 pesos
House 2 - 3 days, 2 nights
100 pax maximum

Balai Taal also offers ordinary overnight packages:
Weekdays - 28,600 pesos
Weekends - 30,800 pesos

special thanks to Mr. Joe Concepcion and family for sharing this astonishing place with us :)


  1. what a wonderful place for a wedding!

  2. Ganda nang mga kuha mo! Nicer shots than the ones I've seen before.

  3. thanks! :)
    maganda kc tlga ang Balai Taal :)

  4. Please give a price range if one wants to have all the houses reserved for 2 days and 1 night. All in.

  5. Hi Joanne,

    This is Ron of, webmaster of www[dot]weddinginthesky[dot]com.

    I am a fan of your site and do love your work and posts.

    I do comment in this Balai Taal post of yours to ask your permission to copy/make use of your photos on our site. We choose your photos over the others because it is more realistic and do have a personal touch from a real visitor of that site.

    We will be linking back (as sign of credit for photos) to this site of yours.

    I am hoping for a positive response. Thank you!

  6. hello Ron :)

    sorry for the late response :)

    By the way, thanks for asking, yes, you may use the photos; and, thanks, kindly put my link too.

    I have just visited your website!!
    i LOVE it!!!
    it's very informative and helpful for all couples and people looking for events places too.

  7. Thanks for the kind and positive feedback Joanne.

    Oh, by the way, I Googled your name and can't find any email nor contact number of you.

    Thanks again! Will let you know after we finished it!

  8. Hi Ron,
    It's jotan23@yahoo.com :)

  9. Hi Jo,

    Already posted the page. Take a look in here:


  10. Wow! thanks Ron :)
    by the way, the 2 night shots are from Anton :)

  11. hello jotan :)

    this is Thea Ocana from MyBigEvent Coordination company :) i have a client very interested in booking their wedding in Balai Taal. WOuld you happen to know a direct number i can call them to schedule an ocular this monday :) i tried the caretakers number but he cannot be reached :( had my client check your sire. they love the photos :)

  12. Hi Thea :)

    sorry for the late reply.

    I'm glad ur client loved the photos.

    Please try contacting Annette at 0917-855-5168 or 633-2838 :)

    I hope this helps!

  13. Hi,

    Very very beautiful place. My wife love this place. Thats why we choose this place in our re-newing our vows. Thanks again...GREAT JOB!!!


  14. Hi! Do you know how I can inquire about their rate for wedding? I think their website is down and I don't know how to contact the owner/caretaker. Thanks!

  15. hi ..i just want to inquire abt the rates for wedding?can you pls kindly email me gheninaam15@yahoo.com..asap ty!


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