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Touring New York City on Day 2

Day 2 - Aug 31, 2007 (Friday)

  • breakfast at the hotel -- yummy bacons!! i LOVE the bacons!
  • long walk to the Statue of Liberty line! the guy told us it's only a 10-minute walk but i think it lasted for about 30 minutes... but we enjoyed the view coz we were walking along the bay.

i am so glad that we did the NY WATERWAY TOUR
. It was so much better! we were able to see the Statue, Financial District and Brooklyn Bridge from the ferry

we even bought the "I NY" shirts coz I wanted to have a picture of us wearing that shirt with the statue at the background! of course,
we are proud NY tourists!

next stop: the famous Bull near the NY Stock Exchange Bldg. i love the bull!! the balls are of a LIGHTER color already due to all the hands that touched it HAHAHAHAHAH

next: we followed the walking tour from Lonely Planet book that my cousin Mar bought.
I would definitely recommend each traveller to get one.
Wherever your destination is, buy that book!!! it has everything you need!!!

so we toured the financial district - the bull , the NY stock Exchange, took pictures in one of the scenes from the movie "Hitch"

we also toured Chinatown where we ate at one Zagat rated restaurant. yummy Siao Lun Pao!!!

next: tour of Little Italy... i love the Audrey Hepburn tee but then again, the price is not loveable! hahaha 20 bucks! the quality is cheap!! if the quality is good then maybe i will buy that shirt but then again...

next: we had an afternoon dessert break at Ferrara -- yummy Tiramisu cake and Tiramisu ice cream!! oooh! i love the fact that we had "food breaks" in between our trips

next: we rushed going to Grand Central Station.
We were rushing because my cousin wanted to take a good picture of the architecture at the Grand Central Station with all the busy people around. Too bad we weren't there earlier, it could have been perfect!

after changing for our night-out, we went to DOUBLE HAPPINESS at 173 Mott Street. it's an underground bar.. super loud music but it's okay :> we had a drink here first before having dinner someplace else :>

dinner time: we ate at 'LIL FRANKIE
in the East Village. I LOVE their

Pizza Margherita!!! it was the best pizza ever! i wish meron they have a branch in the Philippines.. yeah,, dream on!

hehehehehe oh! we also had a bottle of chianti red wine!
it was perfect! then we had Daniel's favorite dessert.. the profiteroles!!! ooohhlala! YUMMY! it's like little cream puffs with hot choco syrup that you pour on top! ay!my goodness gracious!

after dinner: we went to a wine bar.
I had a glass of red from WINEBAR but then, i got tipsy instantly hihihi.. to the people who know me, i think you know what i looked like. oh! i think they took pictures of me.. i think...

end of day 2

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