Monday, March 17, 2008

Welcome to New York City

Day 1 - Aug 30, 2007 (Thursday)

I woke up really early... 6 am!!!
as usual, my tummy doesn't feel great, probably because of excitement and the fact that we are leaving early in the morning for a trip. grrr!
so finally, we reached the airport (thanks to tito arthur for waking up early and driving us there). Davis and I couldn't decide whether we'll have breakfast at Chili's Too or Wolfgang Puck so we ended up at McDonald's ... yummy... NOT!

boarding time...right on schedule! i was so excited as I sat down but i dunno why we were just not moving!!! our flight was delayed for 30 minutes!!!

Up up and away... yey! finally! (my favorite word --- FINALLY!)

"Welcome New York City" (with Hiro Nakamura in mind)

First, we hailed a cab... he was nice but after a few seconds.. literally just seconds, we almost bumped the car right in front of us and our driver was already cursing and swearing hahahahaha (authentic NYC cab driver)
then as we approach the main expressway, we're going zigzag already!
luckily, we're from the Philippines!! so we're not surprised!
we had another near-miss car accident!
Our cab driver went all crazy again.. cursing and swearing ... hahahhahaha

reaching the hotel... ALIVE!
HILTON EMBASSY SUITES was really really nice!!!
it's also very near WTC (World Trade Center, well, former WTC)
we got up and wow! i was amazed at the view from our room!!!

We were very lucky coz my cousin is a diamond club member so we have free wifi access. (which made davis very very happy coz internet is his life )

and so we waited for my cousins to arrive.

i missed them so much! we met my cousin's boyfriend, Daniel, a unique French guy.

minutes later, we went down sa lounge for the happy hour. As diamond club member guests, we get to have FREE drinks! woohoo!!!

after starting off with some booze, we headed to Time's Square coz my cousins are gonna watch LES MISERABLES (we moved ours to Sep 4 because that is when LEA SALONGA returns from her vacation)

As they watched the musical, Davis and I headed to SERENDIPITY3

I didn't expect that there will be a long wait. The wait was 1 hour and 30 minutes!!!!! and yup, there is a long list of people's names., with mine too!!!
While waiting for our turn, we went to Bloomingdales first to have our wee-wee break :p
it's very hard to find a decent washroom in NYC :p

so ok, we went back to the shop and waited a few more minutes.Davis had to wait
outside while i'm waiting inside coz only one per company can wait inside. (that is how packed the place was)
so after 10 thousand years, we finally had a table.
luckily, we were seated at the corner with a mirror so we were able to take pictures of ourselves hahahhaha

we ordered the Frrrrozen Hot Chocolate since that is their most popular dessert; and, Meat Grill for Davis because he's hungry. Oh! we were so lucky that our waiter made a mistake too so we got FREE Choco Mint Sundae as well!
Yum Yum!!!

after our ultra-yummy dinner/dessert, we went back to Time's Square to meet my cousins and went back to the hotel altogether...

that ends our day 1 trip...

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