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A'Toda Madre Tequila Bar (Makati, Philippines)

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A'Toda Madre Tequila Bar (Makati, Philippines)

Drinking tequila is not just about "LICK, SHOOT, SUCK." There is more to tequila than that and just like wine and single malt scotch, it is best enjoyed when sipped, swirled in your mouth and let it breathe to taste all the notes and flavors.

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For a quick Tequila lesson 101, I highly recommend you to visit A’Toda Madre. Aljor Perreras, the owner, together with his business partner, Sante Perreras, are always there to guide guests, especially beginners on how to properly drink good premium tequila. Ask them anything about tequila and they will be more than happy to assist you.

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Making a good and real tequila goes through a complicated process. There are plenty of fake tequilas in the market so A’Toda Madre is here to create awareness and educate the people about the more sophisticated and mature way of consuming tequila. This is the place for people who enjoy what they already like (premium tequila, that is), for interested people who have heard about it, for people who do not know anything about it, and for people who have had a negative experience about tequila. This is the place for you to give tequila a second chance because A’Toda Madre has plenty of options for you to enjoy your drinks and meals while having a festive night with friends.

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FYI: Drinking a good tequila (made from 100% Agave) would not give you a hang-over because it is clean, pure and just goes through your system.

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For beginners: Order the MARGARITA TEQUILA COCKTAIL (Php 260). It has natural citrus clean taste using premium tequila blanco and a dash of Cointreau.

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A’Toda Madre has THE BEST margarita cocktail drink we’ve ever had.

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My personal favorite: HOT MAMA MARGARITA (Php 325)
Spicy Margarita!!! This was sooo good!

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Okay, just to give you a short summary, there are 4 different categories of tequila that you might want to try. They offer different expressions and taste profiles.

1. BLANCO: White and distilled (Looks like water). Not aged. Stored usually for 2 months.

2. REPOSADO: Rested in oak barrels for 2 months to 1 year. Yellowish in color. Buttery with notes of dried fruits and honey.

3. AÑEJO: Aged 1-3 years.

4. EXTRA AÑEJO: Aged beyond 3 years, usually 4-7 years. Has a consistency and taste similar to cognac.

FYI: As tequila ages, alcohol becomes mellower and more buttery.

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Remember, there is more to tequila than just "LICK, SHOOT, SUCK."
1. Sip.
2. Let it roll in your mouth for about 15 seconds.
3. Breathe in and out.
4. Enjoy the multi-sensual experience.

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Alessi’s favorite: a sweet margarita mix made of rice water and almond milk, drizzled with cinnamon. This is like a Christmas dessert drink.

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If you don’t drink, fret not for A’Toda Madre offers authentic Mexican food that is equally impressive. Their food is so fantastic that they are more well-known as a restaurant than a bar.

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ELOTES CALLEJEROS (Php 120 – 4 sticks)
grilled and buttered Mexican street corn, house chipotle mayo, feta cheese and spices

Atoda-Madre-Makati-tequila-bar-jotan23 (8)
pork chicharon topped with homemade salsa rojo

Atoda-Madre-Makati-tequila-bar-jotan23 (9)

That salsa is the real thing! We’re still hoping they could bottle it up and sell it separately so we can take those salsa goodness home.

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TOSTADITAS (2 pcs per serving, Php 175) homemade crunchy tortilla
Surprisingly, even if I do not like pork, A’Toda Madre’s pork tostaditas was my favorite among the three. The spices and flavorful sauce were a perfect combination.

Atoda-Madre-Makati-tequila-bar-jotan23 (19)
(probably one of the best fish tacos I’ve had. I think their homemade sauce made it a champion)

Notice the double corn tortillas? That’s how the Mexicans serve and eat their tacos. First layer is to hold the meat and sauce, while the second layer is to keep them together if the sauce seeps through.

FYI: Proper way to eat your tacos: Fold the tortillas. Hold the top. Tilt your head 90 degrees. Bite. NEVER tilt the tacos because the sauce will spill.

Atoda-Madre-Makati-tequila-bar-jotan23 (20)

Atoda-Madre-Makati-tequila-bar-jotan23 (21)
Cooked for 3 hours to achieve that tenderness. This is like crispy pata except that the meat is very moist and juicy inside. Perfect with A’Toda Madre’s red salsa.

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Three-Way Tacos (chicken, steak, pork)
Best to mix EVERYTHING in one taco: 3 kinds of meat, 2 way salsa, fresh cilantro, onions and lime. EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE.

Atoda-Madre-Makati-tequila-bar-jotan23 (23)
dark chocolate flan sprinkled with chili.
Best paired with an AÑEJO tequila.

A’Toda Madre is THE place where everybody can just chill, hang out, eat the most amazing Mexican food and drink authentic premium tequila. This has become our favorite place to just chill and unwind ♥♥♥

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A'Toda Madre Tequila Bar (Makati, Philippines)

Ground Floor, Sunette Tower
(Across Durban Hotel), corner Makati Avenue
(street across Shakey’s Makati Avenue)
Open everyday 5pm – 2am

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A'Toda Madre Tequila Bar (Makati, Philippines)

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