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PRE RUP: Romantic Temple Mountain In Siem Reap, Cambodia

PRE RUP: Romantic Temple Mountain In Siem Reap, Cambodia

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A popular sunset spot in Siem Reap, Pre Rup is a majestic temple mountain with steep, knee-high steps. Its height is imposing, and definitely not recommended for those with acrophobia. But if you’ve got guts, you’ll soon find the climb to be rewarding.” – source here

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Steep steps not for the weak
pre-rup-angkor-wat-siem-reap-cambodia-travel-photography-jotan23 (10)

It is known today as the "turning of the body," which reflects the common belief among Cambodians that the ashes of the body during the cremation ceremony is rotated in different directions as the service progresses.
pre-rup-angkor-wat-siem-reap-cambodia-travel-photography-jotan23 (8)
This temple mountain is made up of of brick, laterite and sandstone construction.
pre-rup-angkor-wat-siem-reap-cambodia-travel-photography-jotan23 (4)
Pre Rup is an architecturally and artistically superior temple-mountain. Beautifully carved false doors on upper level, as well as an excellent view of the surrounding countryside. Richly detailed, well-preserved carvings, particularly on the lintels.” – source here
pre-rup-angkor-wat-siem-reap-cambodia-travel-photography-jotan23 (9)

pre-rup-angkor-wat-siem-reap-cambodia-travel-photography-jotan23 (6)
A Lion guardian at Pre Rup Temple Cambodia
pre-rup-angkor-wat-siem-reap-cambodia-travel-photography-jotan23 (5)
pre-rup-angkor-wat-siem-reap-cambodia-travel-photography-jotan23 (7)

Beautiful view from the top. No crowd and no noise – perfect spot for you to take in all the beauty of Pre Rup and the whole of Angkor Wat Temple.
pre-rup-angkor-wat-siem-reap-cambodia-travel-photography-jotan23 (1)

Aside from PREA KHAN, Pre Rup is one of our TOP favorite temples in Angkor Wat. With the view and the ambiance, I find the place romantic, perfect for prenup photos :)

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PRE RUP: Romantic Temple Mountain In Siem Reap, Cambodia

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