Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Serenity found at SereniTea

My good old friend, Analynne, is a regular customer of Serenitea San Juan (near Wilson).

She used to drive all the way from Banawe area to San Juan just to have SereniTEA.

To our delight, SereniTea has finally opened their third branch at Banawe!!!
The place is really cozy and there's FREE WIFI for the guests to enjoy :)

In SereniTEA, you have the option to choose your level of sweetness:
No sugar (Healthy), Mild Sugar (25%), Half Sugar (50%), Less Sugar (75%) or FULL sugar (Standard)
I always choose the FULL sugar since SereniTea is not too sweet .

You also get to choose your own topping :
Egg Pudding (our favorite)
Crystals (Nata de Coco)
Black Bricks (Grass Jelly)
Lime Jelly
Coffee Jelly

Here are some of the drinks that we tried:

CHOCOLATE MILK TEA (S-75, M-85, L-95) - tastes like ordinary milk tea with a hint of choco

HOKKAIDO MILK TEA (S-75, M-85, L-95) - caramel milk tea (YUM)

STRAWBERRY MILK TEA (S-75, M-85, L-95) - so much better than Ersao's strawberry milk tea but I liked the Bubble Tea's strawberry milk tea more :)

OKINAWA MILK TEA (S-75, M-85, L-95) - brown sugar taste. (another FAVORITE)

I love my milk teas with EGG PUDDING and COFFEE JELLY :)

GRAPEFRUIT YAKULT (M-80, L-90) - tastes like sour grapefruit juice but still yummy :)

CRANBERRY SENSATION (M-70, L-80) - i loved it! it's like cold cranberry tea.

TIP: Ask for ice if you want this drink really cold, which is better by the way.

WINTERMELON COOL (L-80) - tastes like black gulaman. Very refreshing!

WINTERMELON SWEET (M-60,L-70) - I don't recognize the difference between the "cool" and "sweet" hihihihi  It tasted the same to me

OOLONG GENMAICHA LATTE (S-85, L-95) - tasted like OKINAWA MILK TEA with GREEN TEA toasted rice crispies. SOOO GOOOD!!!

If Ersao has Spicy Squid snacks to offer, SereniTEA has MORE!!!

Alvin's favorite: PEPPER POTATO (Php 50) - SereniTea's version of french fries :)

FISH and FRIES (Php 95) - juicy and tender!

PEPPER TOFU (Php 50) - The fried basil was perfect with the peppered tofu

Everyone's favorite: CHICKEN CHOP (Php 65) - sooooooooooo goooooooood!!!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: PEPPER SWEET CORN (Php 50) - 3 pcs of grilled sweet corn with salt and pepper (everyone should try this!!!)

Below is Serenitea's list of drinks / menu

SereniTea is the place to be!!!
I just wish Banawe branch would extend their store hours :)

74B N. Roxas St. corner Banawe QC
(near Philippine Orthopedic Center)

The following maps from SereniTEA
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