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Mrs. Graham's Bakery Offers Unique Macaron Flavors


Unique Flavors of Macarons by Mrs. Graham's

I have always been delighted with the sight of these fancy French cookies - colorful puffy macarons. I know that these are complicated to make and requires patience so I expect really good macarons to be quite expensive. BUT, I found the prefect yummy macaron treats that is truly affordable and budget-friendly.

mrs-grahams-alcoholic-macarons-jotan23 (3)
Indulge in these luxurious treats for only Php 200 (half-dozen) or Php 400 (box of a dozen macarons)!!! Check out the crispy shell with firm meringue-like center and soft creamy filling.

mrs-grahams-alcoholic-macarons-jotan23 (1)
These French cookies were not only beautiful to look at but absolutely pleasing to the palate. Mrs. Graham(s) raised the bar a little further by introducing unique flavors of macarons: Salted Caramel, Inside-Out S’mores, Cookie Dough, Malibu Rum (coconut-flavored), Tequila Rose, and Baileys.

FYI: Mrs. Graham's INSIDE-OUT S’MORES macaron was to die for!!!

So if you are craving for macarons, you know where to get it: Just call Mrs. Graham and let her macarons do the trick :) It’s very affordable and ultra yummy!!!

mrs-grahams-alcoholic-macarons-jotan23 (2)

WhenInManila team with Mr. and Mrs. Graham (right-most)

Mrs. Graham's Bakery Macarons

by Anna Graham
For orders, please call/text: 0917-805-5479

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Unique Flavors of Macarons by Mrs. Graham's

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