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Banteay Samre, Angkor Wat - Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Banteay Samre, Angkor Wat, Cambodia  

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Picture taking for the Angkor Wat 3-day pass

Before being able to visit the Angkor Wat vicinity, show your best smile for your ID picture. We paid $40 each for a three day pass. DO NOT lose your ID or else, you will have to pay again to enter. (They’re very strict about this)

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Once inside the Angkor area, take time to enjoy the serenity of the site and the peaceful atmosphere – biking is highly recommended. Do not rush - just enjoy and take in the view – children playing, swimming in the lake and artists painting.

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Banteay Samre Fa├žade

Located away from the more visited Angkor temples, at the far east side, is Banteay Samre, a well kept temple with a few crowd, somewhat "off the beaten track."
A lot of people say that the most striking element to the temple would have to be its tower because it has an astonishing resemblance to the Angkor Wat tower. Moreover, to anyone familiar with North East Thailand's Phimai temple, this could also be an almost exact replica.

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Peace and Serenity at Banteay Samre

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Hubby and Me

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Lots of “framed” photo ops possible at Banteay Samre

bantay-samrei-angkor-wat-cambodia (9)

bantay-samrei-angkor-wat-cambodia (8)
Don’t forget to look up – you’ll be amazed at the littlest detail there is.

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MORE PICTURES of Banteay Samre [HERE]

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Banteay Samre, Angkor Wat, Cambodia

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