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F.I.S.H. - Fiesta Island Seafood Hub

F.I.S.H. - Fiesta Island Seafood Hub

F.I.S.H. - Fiesta Island Seafood Hub is a restaurant in Quezon City that is also an events venue that caters to all kinds of celebration - birthdays, baptismal, weddings, etc.

Island hopping in F.I.S.H. – Fiesta Island Seafood Hub

KTV Rooms

If you feel like having a concert, the restaurant also offers KTV rooms, which can accommodate up to 12 pax in one room. And yes, the fiesta island theme is still incorporated - the orange room has pictures of the beach scene in Boracay while the violet room is Batanes-inspired.

Sinigang na Inasal na Manok (Php 280) – Wow! I have never tried anything like this before. It was really inasal na manok but in a tamarind broth. Yummeh!

Crab Meat Sisig (Php 225) – A bestseller indeed! It contains real crab meats - just watch out for your cholesterol level :p

Beef Caldereta (Php 285) – my personal favorite among all the food that we tried that night. The tender beef ribs were cooked in tomato-liver sauce with potatoes, bell peppers and carrots. I love the mild spicy kick – so delicioso! I will definitely order this again and again and again.

Binusog na Pusit (Php 255) Рgrilled stuffed squid with saut̩ed onions and tomatoes topped with toasted garlic.

Ensaladang Bagnet (Php 240) – Mesclun greens + salted egg + fried pork belly + shaved parmesan cheese + bagoong Balayan dressing = L-♥-V-E ---> Another must try!

Just FYI, F.I.S.H. – Fiesta Island Seafood Hub is also by Manila Catering, the same company that made Our Kitchen.

Food Videography by Roanne Aujero

  F.I.S.H. – Fiesta Island Seafood Hub

47 Visayas Ave. corner Congressional Ave. , Quezon City
Telephone Number: 929-9022

F.I.S.H. - Fiesta Island Seafood Hub


  1. sinigang na inasal sound good... oh i love the squid!!

  2. Howdy there, Martin here. Mark Will's friend :D

    I love the shots and the writeup.

    Ah, I remembered that night where I joined you guys for the dinner. I still like the Ensaladang Bagnet and the Kaldereta. Those were my favorites :D And whoa, the desserts were awesome too if I do recall.

    1. the ensaladang bagnet was a great surprise talaga :D


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