Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MESA (modern Filipino Restaurant in Tomas Morato)

MESA (modern Filipino Restaurant in Tomas Morato)

It was my aunt's birthday and we decided to try out MESA in Tomas Morato this time.

For starters, we had POMELO SALAD with LATIK (Php 250)
This was interesting - pomelo chunks tossed with toasted grated coconut and house dressing.

and then we had "A LITTLE BIT OF..." (Php 380)
If you like fried appetizers, then this one's for you :) 
It's A LITTLE BIT OF crispy tawilis, crispy shrimp, calamares and adobo flakes.

Most of us ordered Bottomless Lemonade and Iced Tea (Php 65)
FYI: Drinks are refillable up to 10pm only.

Our Main Dishes were:

in GUAVA and PINEAPPLE (Php 270)
I don't like sinigang na baboy in general so I didn't try this one but they said it was okay.

The meat was tender and crispy! Yummy with the 4 different sauces on the side.

LAING 2 WAYS (Php 150)
Taro leaves, pork, shrimp paste and coconut cream, topped with adobo flakes, served original and crispy
I wasn't able to distinguish which one's better :)

Stir fried rice with gabi leaves and coconut cream 
(served dry)
This went well with all our dishes. Yum!

SISIG RICE (Php 170)
Stir fried rice tossed with pork sisig and topped with fried egg
This was also good but I liked the laing rice and bagoong rice more :)

This was super good!!! A MUST TRY -- definitely!!!

APAHAP (Seabass) 
Steamed in Dayap and Chili (Php 80 / 100grams)
This was okay. It would be better if it was juicier like the one we had in AZUTHAI :)

CRAB with SALTED EGG SAUCE (Php 650 / piece)
The crab was huge, meaty and tasty!!!
We'll order this again next time!

All in all, we had a fab time. The service was GREAT, especially the crew themselves!!!
Thanks again to the staffs of MESA Restaurant for a wonderful evening :)


264 Tomas Morato cor. Sct. Fernandez

Quezon City, Metro Manila

Telephone Number: (02) 441-5197

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