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6D/5N Bicol Itinerary - Day Four (Part Two) - What to do in Legazpi City

6D/5N Bicol Itinerary - Day Four (Part Two) - What to do in Legazpi City

1:30 PM - LOUWIL picked us up at ELYSIA BEACH RESORT and drove us to Legaspi. (Php 1700)

We toured the city on this day since we were not able to do it yesterday :)

But before that, we had to stop by ESTEVEZ MEMORIAL HOSPITAL to make sure our friend's foot was okay.
Medical bill was $$$$ --> CRAZY!!! Doctor's fee was Php 1,500 just for putting a piece of bandage and tape, which costed Php 500 by the way!!! 
This was just some of the fees my friend had to pay. We're not sure if we were marked up because we're not locals or is that hospital the St. Luke's of Bicol?!

Despite the accident from Sorsorgon, we still considered this day to be super lucky for us because the weather was perfect and the view of Mayon Volcano was clear!!!
Our friend, Ligia, believes that if you go inside a church that you visited the first time and prayed fervently for something, it would come true :)

There were plenty of people when  we got there so it's hard to take a nice picture unlike the first time I visited CAGSAWA RUINS, it was just me and another local at the ruins.

 There was an accident the week before. A van going downhill lost its brakes and fell off the deep ravine. One was killed and 14 were left injured.
Because of this, no vehicle was allowed to go up the 150-meter high Lignon Hill. Visitors were required to walk up the hill instead. It's a good 20-30 minutes walk. The view was breathtaking and the wind a little bit chilly.
The view on top was even better! 
During my first time in Legaspi, the Mayon Volcano was covered up with clouds but this time, the view was clear - perfect for a zipline adventure :)

 TIP: Ask Louwil to take you here to enjoy the BEST BUKO SHAKE (Php 60) and their super delicious foods!!!

A MUST TRY!!!! This was soooo good and the beef was tender!!

This was also good but next time, we will definitely NOT forget to ask for the SPICY version with shrimp in it :)

GINATAAN NATIVE NA MANOK (Adobado) - (Php 195)
Don't expect a big chicken because the chicken used here is really NATIVE -- small and yet very flavorful.

SIZZLING SQUID (Php 80 / 100 grams)
YUMMEEEH!! Perfectly cooked!!!! Another MUST TRY!!

After Dinner, we checked in to HOTEL ST. ELLIS, where we will be staying for the rest of our Bicol trip :)

It's the newest place in Legaspi City built by the owners of Misibis Bay and Hotel St. Ellis
an E-Jeep or electronic jeep is available for free to bring you to Embarcadero (if you are staying in Hotel St. Ellis.) It is also available for public use, but they would have to pay Php 7-8 per person.
Embarcadero was nice :) It was like Eastwood City at night but when we got there, it rained so hard that we decided to have dessert at the hotel instead.

MISSISSIPPI MUD PIE (Php 130) - Milk Chocolate and Fudge Pie topped with whipped cream and Dark Chocolate shavings
Looked really yummy but I didn't like it.

PILI NUT CHEESECAKE (Php 175) - Neuchatel Cream Cheese cake with sugar graham crust topped with Caramelized Pili Nuts
This was sooooo good!!! How we wish we were able to reserve at least two slices for tomorrow!!!
This was sold out real quick!

*Good Night indeed*


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