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Labor Day in NYC - day 5

Day 5 - Sep 3, 2007 (Monday)
Labor Day and our last day together

breakfast -- not in the Hotel!!! at last!
we brought some breakfast from the hotel to Central Park.. and had a super nice picnic!
we sat on top of a rock formation and had the best view!!! it was indeed the best Central Park experience. I wished the day will never end...

shopping: we then went to LuluLemon store.
it's my cousin's favorite pants store I guess coz she loves how the pants fit..
not just to her but to everyone! it either slims you or enhances your figure!
Daniel was so lucky to find his size, which he can't find in vancouver!!! lucky lucky lucky!

we then crossed Central Park again to reach MET (METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART) .
i have no more energy by that time because we didn't get enough sleep the night before since we went clubbing..
plus we haven't had lunch yet.
Gibs already had 2 hotdogs.. NY style!

anyway, going back to Met.. i was sooo disappointed with the org because they were trying to fool the visitors by pushing them to pay $20 admission fee.

The amounts indicated at the registers are SUGGESTIONS only..
we were confused actually, good thing my cousin knew beforehand that entering Met is by donation only.. i repeat.. MET IS BY DONATION ONLY and THERE IS NO ENTRANCE FEE. $5 donation per person is enough since the org is very rich anyway, they get money from the government, and lots of money from the members as well, so you don't have to feel bad for them really.

shopping at 5th ave.
achie mar was able to buy a really really nice RED coat at ZARA, it looked perfect on her, it was sexy and trendy! but it's expensive.. 100++ coz it wasn't on sale

Daniel was also able to buy the perfect pants! i'm sure he's ecstatic because he was able to buy 2 pants on the same day!!! woohoo!!! it looked perfect on him. Achie mar said that Zara pants really fits perfectly on Daniel.

we also went to the MAC store.
IT was sooo cool!!
you wouldn't know that there's a techie store under the magic cube hehehe

dinner: battery critical (that's me)
i was so tired, sleepy and hungry!
we had to look for a great place to eat since this will be our last meal together...
so we went on and looked for TABLA, but it was closed...

we then headed to West Greenwich area.
The place was super nice, with cobblestones!
lots of italian/french restaurants so i felt like I was in Europe!
we finally reached paradise... PARADOU!!!

we were given a bunch of bread slices and TAPENADE ... ooh yummy!

for appetizer: we ordered
House-made Foie Gras accented with Dried Figs and Orange Zest, served with Brioche

CRAB (something with watermelon hehehe) 15

the Foie Gras was the best!! nothing was left on our plate..hahahaha

for the entree:
Pan Seared Duck Breast with Vanilla Bean, White Peach Chutney & Roast Butternut Squash
New Zealand Rack of Lamb with Lavender Rice & the Chef’s Sauce Orange à l’ Orientale

the duck was absolutely amazing and the lamb was cooked to perfection!!!

ops ops ops... of course we had a bottle of White and Red wine, i just dunno what they were since Daniel ordered them...but it was expensive bwahahahaha .. i was shocked when the bill came but wait, i'll tell you more about the meal first...

for dessert:
Bitter Chocolate Creme Brulee 9

everything was amazing! i loved the creme brulee!! the spoon also helped!!! it was amazingly luscious, melts in your mouth thing.. hahay... i missed it already.. i wish i can eat something like that again....

and i wish we had taken pictures of our food!!!
we were too hungry to do that :p

to Daniel:

till we meet again... i hope you'll be cooking when you visit Phils.. i already gave you some delectable recipes *hint*
merci beaucoup!

end of day 5

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