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National Museum of the Philippines - FREE Things To do in the Philippines

National Museum of the Philippines - FREE Things To do in the Philippines

No plans for the weekend yet? Why not visit The National Museum of the Philippines this Sunday? Yes, SUNDAY - when entrance is FREE! Bring the whole family and have a fun-filled educational weekend :)

Be amazed at the hall of masters, presenting the majestic arts of Juan Luna and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo:

"Spoliarium" 1884, oil on canvas
A National Cultural Treasure
by Juan Luna

"The painting features a glimpse of Roman history centered on the bloody carnage brought by gladiatorial matches. Spoliarium is a Latin word referring to the basement of the Roman Colosseum where the fallen and dying gladiators are dumped and devoid of their worldly possessions. At the center of Luna’s painting are fallen gladiators being dragged by Roman soldiers. On the left, spectators ardently await their chance to strip off the combatants of their metal helmets and other armory. In contrast with the charged emotions featured on the left, the right side meanwhile presents a somber mood. An old man carries a torch perhaps searching for his son while a woman weeps the death of her loved one. The Spoliarium is the most valuable oil-on-canvas painting by Juan Luna. With a size of 4.22 meters x 7.675 meters, it is the largest painting in the Philippines. A historical painting, it was made by Luna in 1884 as an entry to the prestigious Exposicion de Bellas Artes (Madrid Art Exposition, May 1884) and eventually won for him the First Gold Medal." 

- National Museum of the Philippines

(Left) - "The Lady in Red (La Parisienne)," oil on wood by Juan Luna
(Right) - "El Golfo," 1891, oil on canvas by Juan Luna

"La Tragedia de Gobernador Bustamante (Assassination of Governor Bustamante and His Son," oil on canvas
A National Cultural Treasure
by Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo

There are an abundance of art galleries, from the classic 18th century to the modern arts. 

TIP: A simple camera goes a long way. Kids will appreciate the art galleries more with this cool gadget :)

sculpture by Napoleon Abueva

"Napoleon V. Abueva is the acknowledged patriarch of modern sculpture in the Philippines - massive abstractions and constructions, of incredible variety and diversity - his works are a metaphor for his world and age." - National Museum of the Philippines

"Mother and Child" 1953, Adobe
by Napoleon Abueva, National Artist in Sculpture

"The huge art piece is sculpted from solid adobe and shows abstract figures of a woman in a sitting position and holding a child. The child, meanwhile, clings on the head of his mother. The subject Mother and Child is very popular among visual artists. The National Museum prides itself with this Mother and Child sculpture created by Napoleon V. Abueva, a pioneer of Philippine modern sculpture." - National Museum of the Philippines

A whole room filled with Fernando Amorsolo's sketches, paintings and memorabilia

Aside from the art galleries, you may also find the ethnographic and archaeological collections interesting.  

Among all the exhibits, the children loved the rooms with fossilized/preserved animals the most :)

fossilized sperm whale

preserved monkey-eating eagle

So if ever you're still wondering where else to go on the weekend; and, if you are still looking for things to do in Manila, Philippines, pay the National Museum a visit and enjoy an interesting day with the whole family :)

NATIONAL MUSEUM of the Philippines

P. Burgos Drive, Rizal Park, Manila

Operating Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday: 10 AM - 5 PM
Free admission on Sundays 

National Museum of the Philippines - FREE Things To do in the Philippines

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