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Top 8 New Things To Do In Baguio City 2015


Top 8 New Things To Do In Baguio City 2015

Baguio has always been a top destination here in the Philippines especially those seeking a colder weather. The usual go-to places would be Mine’s View Park, Burnham Park, Wright Park Horseback Riding, Camp John Hay and the Baguio market where you can buy the freshest veggies and strawberries at prices cheaper than ever.

Well, guess what? Baguio City has a lot more to offer this year as new businesses have been emerging here and there, making your trip to Baguio more awesome and memorable.

If you love arts, sculptures and a fabulous mountain view (while sipping a cup of coffee), then visit BEN CAB Museum. However, it is quite far from the city and getting there is a bit of a fuss. You may take a jeepney from the market or a cab. Click HERE for instructions.


If you are traveling with a group, either your family or barkada and need at least 2-3 rooms, I highly recommend the newly opened UPPER HOUSE VILLAGE in Baguio City. You may rent the whole house all to yourselves, complete with: WiFi, fireplace, dining room, full kitchen, spacious outdoor porches and balconies, maid’s and driver’s quarters, daily housekeeping service, etc. Location is near Baguio Country Club. Same services as that of a hotel, only better since you have the whole area all to yourself.
upper-house-village-best-baguio-family-staycation (6)upper-house-village-best-baguio-family-staycation (1)upper-house-village-best-baguio-family-staycation (2)upper-house-village-best-baguio-family-staycation (4)upper-house-village-best-baguio-family-staycation (9)upper-house-village-best-baguio-family-staycation (7)

Okay, I do not want to exaggerate but really, AMARE serves the best brick-oven pizzas ever! The crust is thin but still has that doughy feel to it. And the taste, oh my! It’s pure bliss! DO NOT, and I mean it, DO NOT LEAVE BAGUIO without having a taste of AMARE LA CUCINA’s best pizzas :)
Amare-cucina-pizza-restaurant-best-in-baguio (1)
Amare-cucina-pizza-restaurant-best-in-baguio (2)

Amare-cucina-pizza-restaurant-best-in-baguio (4)
NUTELLA PIZZA with a generous serving of Vanilla Ice Cream

Amare-cucina-pizza-restaurant-best-in-baguio (5)

Amare-cucina-pizza-restaurant-best-in-baguio (6)
FRESH Beef Carpaccio with arugula – another MUST TRY!

Amare-cucina-pizza-restaurant-best-in-baguio (7)Amare-cucina-pizza-restaurant-best-in-baguio (9)
Brick-oven cooked Pork Spare Ribs is the bomb!

Amare-cucina-pizza-restaurant-best-in-baguio (10)

This is the place where you can meet new friends or even business partners. (The place is packed with expats and yuppies.) At Baguio Craft Brewery, they brew their own beer and sell them at reasonable prices. I especially loved the MIB (Message in a Bottle), which is a dark ale with a strong hop aroma and rich citrusy hop flavor. Oh, don’t forget to go to the rooftop and enjoy your glass of craft beer with the rest of the group chillaxing the night away.
baguio-craft-brewery-beer (1)baguio-craft-brewery-beer (2) team and friends with Mr. Christopher Ordas (2nd from right: Owner/Brewer – Baguio Craft Brewery)

baguio-craft-brewery-beer (3)baguio-craft-brewery-beer (4)baguio-craft-brewery-beer (9)baguio-craft-brewery-beer (6)

Every night, there is a night market going on in Baguio City near the market and Burnham Park. It starts at around 9PM where you can buy street foods and Ukay-Ukay items. Isaw at 5 pesos per stick and Goto for 15? Why not?
Baguio-night-food-market (1)Baguio-night-food-market (2)Baguio-night-food-market (3)

In the middle of Session Road is one of the oldest Filipino restaurants in Baguio City. If you haven’t tried it yet, you SHOULD order Solibao's PUTO BUMBONG. I swear I could eat at least 3 orders of this. Also, they have a really good strong coffee that goes perfectly well together with the puto bumbong.


2. Enjoy A SEA OF CLOUDS VIEW at Café In The Sky
Thanks to ABS-CBN’s teleserye, Forevermore, LA PRESA’s tourism has boomed tenfold. I know a lot of people choose to go to La Presa but the view from the bridge after La Presa is more breathtaking. Also, if you want to see a sea of clouds, drop by Café In The Sky, located right before you reach La Presa. Better to go there after lunch where the clouds form like cotton balls and the view clearer from the fog.
Con: Taxi cab drivers will charge from 800 to 1600 pesos (one way). Use your haggling power wisely.

10927881_10203515342469366_1796692077_nla-presa-cafe-in-the-sky-best-view-in-baguio (2)la-presa-cafe-in-the-sky-best-view-in-baguio (3)la-presa-cafe-in-the-sky-best-view-in-baguio (4)

Can’t decide where to eat in Baguio City? Ketchup Food Community gives everyone a whole new dining experience. The place consists of 5 restaurants. If you happen to want to order ribs at Canto, or the drool-worthy desserts of Green Pepper, or the Bagnet sisig of Rancho Norte, or Chicharon Tilapia of Happy Tummy, or noodles from Rumah Sate, it’s okay! Ketchup Food Community allows you to order from any of the 5 food establishments and enjoy everything from whichever restaurant you choose to dine as long as 50% of the bill comes from the table owner.
ketchup-community-food-haven-baguio-city (4)
I think this is the best-tasting salabat I’ve had. We all had this after eating the Bagnet Sisig of Rancho Norte Smile with tongue out

ketchup-community-food-haven-baguio-city (2)ketchup-community-food-haven-baguio-city (7)
Bagnet Pinakbet by Rancho Norte (sauce pa lang, ulam na!)

ketchup-community-food-haven-baguio-city (6)
Chicharon Tilapia from Happy Tummy

ketchup-community-food-haven-baguio-city (1)ketchup-community-food-haven-baguio-city (8)
Luscious desserts by Green Pepper
MUST TRY: Their Signature APPLE PIE

ketchup-community-food-haven-baguio-city (5)

When In Baguio, have a fun and memorable trip with these Top 8 New Things To Do In Baguio City 2015

Top 8 New Things To Do In Baguio City 2015

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