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MAGOSABURO Philippines: Finest Grade Japanese Wagyu Beef

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MAGOSABURO Philippines: Finest Grade Japanese Wagyu Beef

MAGOSABURO Philippines is the 6th to franchise from Japan. It has captured international attention since its inception 5 years ago and has been expanding worldwide. MAGOSABURO takes pride in their finest grade Japan Wagyu beef, which are carefully selected and examined for their customers. Known as the “WAGYU HUNTER,” Magosaburo serve only the best Wagyu cooked to perfection through their very own Ishi-Yaki (stone roast) method of cooking. Using an infrared thermometer to lock in the flavor and taste of the food, Magosaburo’s especially crafted lava plates bring out the best flavors indeed.
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Love the interior – very modern and classy. Perfect for dates or business meetings.

I have always thought that Magosaburo only serves set menus but to my surprise, their menu list was really long. They serve a la carte as well; and, Chef Motomatsu Takashi prepared some of their bestsellers for us to try.

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3 Kinds Kimchi – raddish, cucumber and lettuce
Great for starters as the salty and spicy veggies delight your palate, wanting for more.

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Smoked Barracuda with Calamansi
This tastes like smoked tinapa drizzled with olive oil, sesame oil and calamansi

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Mixed Sashimi Salad with Tomato Sauce
Fresh sashimis: tuna, salmon, scallop and squid with a salsa vinaigrette dressing.
Clean and refreshing taste.

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Ox Tail Soup
This is like “fine-dining” quality bulalo soup

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Cheese Curry Rice in a lava stone
Super creamy but I prefer a bit more of the curry flavor

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Five Kinds Sushi with balsamic vinaigrette rice
My favorite was the scallop – THE BEST!

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Mentaiko Capellini with Prawns
Reminds me of Aligue Pasta.
The shrimp covered in seaweed and sesame seed was THE BOMB!

And may I present the star of the night…

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magosaburo-when-in-manila-philippines (16)

See those marbling? Sooooooooo good!
So okay, to start, we were each given a lemon (for the ox tongue), steak sauce, foamy soy sauce and mountain salt. (salty, saltier and saltiest).

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Next, using an infrared thermometer, they checked the lava stone if it’s already heated to 180-200 degrees, which was the perfect temperature for the stone to bring out the best flavors of the meat.

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Finally, my favorite part: TIME TO EAT!

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Special Prime Ox Tongue
Lemon+salt on it was perfection! SARAP TALAGA!

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Special Prime Short Rib
I strongly suggest that you try it first without dipping on any sauce to appreciate its heavenly flavor. It was extremely juicy and tender.

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Japanese Wagyu Tenderloin
This is a winner. A champion.

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Japanese Wagyu Sirloin
If you loved the prime short rib, then you’ll love this even MORE.
It’s like a bigger version of the prime short rib.
Super juicy. Super tender. Super yummy.

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Dessert Platter
Earl Grey Crème Brulee (MUST TRY)
Flourless Chocolate Cake
Rare Cheese Tart
Green Tea Macha Cake

Food was awesome. Price was steep. As my husband said, this is THE place to “seal the deal.”

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Magosaburo Wine Lounge
Closed every TUESDAY
Sunday – Wednesday: 6:00PM – 11:00PM
Thursday – Saturday: 6:00PM – 2:00AM

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MAGOSABURO Philippines

Closed every TUESDAY
Lunch: 11:30AM – 3:00PM
Dinner: 6:00PM – 11:00PM

Check out Magosaburo’s [MENU HERE]

G/F Fort Pointe 2 Bldg (Across BGC Central)
28th Street, The Fort Strip

Telephone Number: 856.0795

MAGOSABURO Philippines: Finest Grade Japanese Wagyu Beef

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