Tuesday, August 23, 2011


There were many  choices to choose from until we finally decided on the STEAK BURRITO (Php 340)
This included rice, meat, beans, chili, salsa, sour cream, cheese and greens. The beef was naturally marinated for hours in garlic, ancho and citrus marinade, then grilled.
We opted to "WET MY BURRITO" (addtional Php 90)
They poured over a special sauce on top and blow-torched it.
The STEAK BURRITO was HUGE so you better share it with someone unless you're training for the MAN VS GODZILLA BURRITO contest.
The contest mechanic is for you to finish their Godzilla Burrito, weighing 2.5kg, in just 90 minutes or less. 
Winners get bragging rights T-shirt and their Godzilla Burrito for free. LOSERS pay up Php 1,000.
They should give out trophies for this - seriously! this is just crazy! :p
They offer margaritas - with or without alcohol as well as imported beers (mostly mexican beers)
Our meal wouldn't be complete without NACHOS so we ordered the BALL PARK NACHOS (Php 255)
It was the same as the NINE LAYER DIP, but with cheese sauce.
It contained nachos (of course), beans, cheese, sour cream, jalapenos, olives, guacamole, pico de gallo, corn salsa and cheese sauce.
I truly wished I asked the staff to put all the ingredients on the side because the nachos got soggy after, BUT, they were still yummy.
FOOD was really good in Ristra's.
Service was terrible... very terrible.
Ambiance was nice; however, they need to start cleaning the place SOON or else DROPPINGS will definitely accumulate in time.
I wasn't sure if these were rat droppings, or lizard droppings but they're definitely droppings!!! 
I know, they're so gross! Fortunately, we were already done eating when we noticed this.
Even if the food was good, we will NOT be coming back here because we don't know if the foods are clean or not :)
I hope they improve.
Ristra's Mexican Grill 
(across Serenitea)
J. Abad Santos corner Lopez Jaena St. 
Little Baguio, San Juan
(From Wilson St., turn right at Alex III. Go straight until you see Ristra's on your right.)


  1. a huge burrito to be consumed within 90 minutes? that's a mouthful of sodium and fats! HAHA :)) Looks delicious but unhealthy though.

  2. oh my gawd! so close to being a nice place to eat and suddenly..sigh too bad hmmm

  3. Was planning to try it out but...nevermind hehe.. dirty pala :)

  4. Ayayay, that is one giant burrito! But I think by nature they really should be big right?

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  6. Hi Rachelle,

    Okay with it as long as you put my link :)


  7. Great! :) Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.Yes, we will include your site watermark on the image :)


  8. I saw a mouse running around the kitchen while buying my take away nachos. Food is yummy though not sure if its clean. Gross!

  9. I was tempted by all the yummy looking food and then blam! my impression's ruined. I hope they do a better job of cleaning up! it's a "must" after all.


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