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WAGYU BGC: Best, Authentic and Highest Grade A5 Japanese Wagyu Beef

Wagyu beef a5 japanese wagyu wagyu bgc

Did you know that A5 is the highest grade given to the finest Japanese beef?

WAGYU BGC serves only A5 Japanese Wagyu (Ohmi, Hida, Kagoshima, Saga). Yes, only the best for their customers. You don’t have to travel to Japan to satisfy your wagyu cravings. WAGYU BGC is supplying certified and documented wagyu beef imported from Japan. Okay, going back to the different kinds of wagyu beef served at Wagyu BGC: Ohmi has a sweeter taste and lower melting point. Ohmi and Hida are like the “Hermes” of Japanese Wagyu beefs while Kagoshima and Saga are “Louis Vuitton.” All of these have a low melting point so never leave them at room temperature because they will literally melt due to its beautiful marbling.

Chateau Briand: more expensive, best part, less fat but still very tender

They don’t offer frozen beef since this affects the color and texture of the meat, also the quality. All of their wagyu beefs are chilled to the perfect temperature. You can buy and take these home or you can also opt to order and dine at their second branch in BGC. (First and original branch is in Sunvar, Makati).

TIP: When purchasing wagyu beef for home consumption, they will give it to you using cold Japanese okra as “ice packs.” These healthy okras are wrapped around your chilled wagyu beef which you can also cook and enjoy. Please remember: DO NOT FREEZE YOUR WAGYU BEEF.

FYI: By June 2016, Wagyu BGC is targeting to supply imported Japanese beef that is from other parts of the cow, which will be more affordable for all. (more choices for consumers).

Below is our awesome WAGYU BEEF BGC experience:

Wagyu Tataki: Seared wagyu beef

Add a dash of crushed garlic then dip in the ponzu sauce. 
Chew and enjoy (sooo good. I love garlic so I truly enjoyed this.)

Wagyu Sushi

Don’t dip the whole thing in the soy sauce. Use the pickle to dip in the soy sauce and dab it on your wagyu sushi. Don’t worry, they only serve fresh wagyu beef so you’re safe.

Steamed Wagyu (one of the best sellers)

Eat it as soon as you open the lid to best enjoy this.

We all know that the sesame sauce is a favorite but we highly recommend dipping the wagyu beef in the ponzu sauce and use the sesame sauce for the steamed vegetables instead. Also, you may order the sirloin for this (it’s a great choice for the steamed wagyu)

Kagoshima Sirloin Wagyu on stone plate

Ohmi Sirloin Wagyu on stone plate

Cooked to perfection!

3 kinds of salt used: salt & pepper, yuzu (Japanese lime), ume (plum)

TIP: DO NOT rub it on the beef during cooking. DO NOT dip your sliced beef in the salt. Instead, please use your fingers to sprinkle salt on your wagyu to taste. All three are really good but I like mine plain and simple.

My personal favorite: WAGYU SHABU SHABU
TIP: Chuck roll is a perfect choice for this

Taka of WAGYU BGC cooking the most delicious Japanese shabu shabu

The secret is in the crystal sugar and their special sauce as these coat the meat for a tastier treat.

…and the beaten egg makes the shabu shabu experience more exciting. It’s a delight in the taste buds. It’s a totally different gustatory experience. I was never a fan of Japanese shabu shabu but this one’s awe-mazing!

Also, it is recommended to cook the meat first, and serve it while it is pinkish in color before cooking the rest in the pan and pouring it in your beaten egg bowl.

Looking for value-for-money wagyu set? Then you should try their lunch specials.

This Wagyu Yasai Itame lunch special is only Php 600, complete with rice and soup. (the serving is pretty big, enough to be enjoyed by two)

If you will be sharing with someone, I suggest ordering a cup of Wagyu Beef rice on the side because it is MFEO (made for each other.) Believe me, it was love at first bite.


G/F Burgos Park Building, Forbestown Road, BGC
(Beside Tipsy Pig)
For reservations, please call/text: +63-916-243-8221

Instagram: @WagyuBeefBGC

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