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SPECTRUM Buffet (Fairmont Makati) – The Newest Hotel Buffet in Makati

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SPECTRUM Buffet – Fairmont Makati

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Finally, after almost two decades, another luxury hotel has opened in Makati. Fairmont Hotel Makati is the newest building situated right across Greenbelt and Glorietta so it’s pretty hard to miss it. I am very happy to share the good news that their premium buffet restaurant, SPECTRUM, is already open for guests to enjoy. “Simplicity” is key to Spectrum’s food selections – very straightforward and absolutely delightful!  The interior is warm and cozy. They even have a huge al fresco dining area, which is kind of rare in Makati.

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Al fresco dining at Spectrum

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spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (4)
Tandoor Station

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (7)

Spectrum’s Carving Station - Roasted Turkey and Prime Rib

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (25)

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Most of the selections are Western/Asian such as:
  • Confit of granny smith apple with caramelized onion and crispy pancetta
  • Roast beef with gravy
  • Pork piccata with creamy white sauce
  • Grilled salmon with lemon butter sauce
  • Stir fry prawns with oyster sauce
  • Thai beef curry
  • Bicol express
  • AND many more

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (23)

Steamed dimsums are served to your table like in Chinese restaurants
(steaming hot and still inside the basket)

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (20)
Japanese Sushi Station

The sushi/sashimi are very fresh and cut in thicker slices. Although not seen in the picture, I assure you that they are one of the best! The rolls are also good and one of a kind. Have you ever tried a suckling pig roll? It’s lechon in a sushi roll – yummeh!

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (21)

Assorted Seafood (Yay! They have my favorite sweet elephant clams)

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (6)

Watch chefs prepare food in a live open kitchen as they go out of their way to engage with guests. You can easily talk to the chefs if you want something done or alterations on the food. It’s like home cooking, straight from the chef’s woks and pans and brought right out to the buffet.

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (30)

Chef Gregory Georges, the man behind the beautiful Spectrum buffet

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (3)

In Spectrum, pizzas are created by request. The pizzas are baked fresh upon ordering, made in personal sizes about 4-6 inches in diameter. (It’s still quite big for me though :p ). Just choose which toppings you want to add. Some of the popular pizza choices are: parma ham with sundried tomato, smoked salmon and capers and bacon with parmesan pizza. Yum! You can even ask the chef to make all these in one whole pie.

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (31)

Spectrum Buffet is very unique in a way because the experience is very interactive. Chefs are always engaging with guests. They even come out and visit tables to present a new dish that they have just prepared.

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (22)

Aside from the very friendly chefs, Spectrum is very much known for their exemplary service. The wait staffs are like ninjas in uniforms. They are very proactive. There is no need for you to ask for anything because you will be served even before asking. Plates are cleared at the right moment, sauces are given to you on your table without you realizing you needed one – these are just examples of how attentive the staffs are. You will have to experience it to know what I mean.

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (11)



Live honeybees!!!
Spectrum - “Taking freshness to a whole new level” – Loni Balagtas

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (28)

Okay, I got to admit – Spectrum’s honey section had me the moment I laid eyes on the honeybees. I felt giddy upon seeing the different jars of infused honey (french vanilla, star anise, local cinnamon, fig and apricot with mango, assorted nuts with narra honey, sunflower honey with honeycomb chunks). Now I know how Pooh feels whenever he sees a jar of honey! Do not worry, there should be no guilty feeling to indulge in these sweets since it has a lot of healthy benefits :) Plus, the chocolate cups are sugarfree so go and drown it with MORE honey!

TIP: You should NEVER MISS the pistachio mascarpone with honey drizzle; and, add more honey to it (the one with the assorted nuts). It’s SOOOOO GOOOD!!!

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (18)

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (19)

Another favorite of mine is the cheese and cold cuts station. I love it with Spectrum’s freshly baked breads. And since I couldn’t let go of the honey, I drizzled some of my cheeses with it. It was perfect!!! Just thinking about it now makes me want to go back soon!

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (27)
My chili caprese salad made fresh right in front of me.

Spectrum buffet might not have a big spread; however, they focus more on the quality. Every single item is done tastefully and thoughtfully by the chefs, which is very important when it comes to food.

Also, Spectrum tries to infuse a lot of local flavors in food and beverages. For example, sometimes they use bangus instead of salmon in their sushi rolls. They also serve simple refreshing juices such as ‘Mango Ginger No’jito’ and ‘Guava Dalandan Rose Lemonade.’ The most lavish local set up would be the mango station, which is a big hit among tourists.

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (17)
Mango Station

In the mango station, Spectrum introduces the local product to all guests (especially the tourists) in creative ways, serving mangoes in different forms, showcasing locally authentic flavor.

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (36)
Mango Crumble

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (16)

Chef Didier Derquet, Fairmont Makati’s passionate Executive Pastry Chef

If you’re lucky like us, you might even find the executive pastry chef in the dessert section and have him make a special crepe for you.

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (32)

Banana Toffee Crepe topped with nuts, torched marshmallows and home-made English Toffee ice cream

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (33)

Very Berries Crepe topped with pistachio, berries, torched marshmallows and home-made white chocolate raspberry ice cream

I will have to warn you. Please do save space for dessert because you will ask for more.

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (15)

Other desserts include flavored taho, home-made sorbets, crème brulee, chocolate calamansi mousse, etc.

spectrum-buffet-fairmont-makati-jotan23 (35)

Another must try: SPECTRUM’S HALO HALO. They use flavored ice (pandan, mango, corn and sometimes coconut) instead of using regular ice. I loved the pandan flavored ice. It gave halo-halo a different twist!

So, what will keep me coming back for Spectrum? Aside from the good food, honey and other favorites, it would be because of their engaging staffs and the laudable service. It made dining enjoyable and more meaningful.


Fairmont Makati
1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue
Makati City

Contact Number: 555-9840

Operating Hours:
Breakfast: 6:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Lunch: 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM
Dinner: 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Spectrum Buffet Rates
Breakfast: Php 1,088++
Lunch: Php 1,300++
***Lunch is served with complimentary flavored water like strawberry, rose, cucumber-kiwi
Dinner: Php 1,500++


SPECTRUM Buffet (Fairmont Makati) – The Newest Hotel Buffet in Makati

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