Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mary Grace Cafe

Mary Grace Cafe serves really really reaaaaaaallyyyyyyy goooooooooood food!!!

We started with the ONION DIP w/ CRISPY CASSAVA CHIPS (Php 112)
The chips were huge and the dip was so good! I
wonder if they sell it in jars. I wish they would.

We also tried their SEAFOOD CHOWDER SOUP  (Php 138)
The bread complimented the soup. It was rich (which I like) but it needed a little more pepper to taste.

Their homemade iced tea was very refreshing.
We had the APPLE and CINNAMON HONEY Iced Tea (Pitcher 750ml - Php 224)

Next, we tried the VIGAN LONGGANISA and KESONG PUTI sandwich (Php 201)
One word: YUMMY!!!!
I am now craving for it because of this picture! *sigh*

Our Mary Grace Cafe experience wouldn't be complete if we did not try these flavorful pastas:

"Linguini noodles tossed in a delicious cream with slivers of mushroom and made more flavorful with the essence of truffle"
This was great with the vigan longganisa sandwich and chips!!!
heavenly! *sigh* my tummy is making grumbling noises at this very moment.

"Pan-seared shrimps and linguini noodles get that lively and spicy kick from lemon, chili, and lots of garlic sauteed in extra virgin olive oil"
The asparagus and shrimp were cooked medium well. It was very fresh and tasty.
The citrus taste and spiciness was perfect!!!
I will definitely order this every time I go here.

Level 1, across National Bookstore
Tel Num: 916-9003; 916-9004; 586-4256

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