Monday, March 17, 2008

Ama's Death Anniversary


February 5 in the year 2008...
it's Ama's Chinese death anniversary today.

we ate the usual food that was served every year..
- cold cuts
- Japanese rolls
- plain rice
- pancit canton
- Robina's Chicken (a favorite :p )
- pork bbq
- mushroom with asparagus
- shrimps
- bonus for today: Pichi-pichi :p

it was a quiet celebration this time because the kids weren't around.

since my pamangkins weren't there, i was forced to eat downstairs with the adults..
meaning, i was bombarded with questions like:

"Di ti si be khan a?" (When are you getting married?)

oh man! tama na!!! tigilan na!!!
hay! if only i could ASK them for a house and lot.. why not poknat?!


Achie Winnie can't come because she was needed in their store.
Achie Tiff can't come, too.. because Geanna has school.

aaawww.. i miss my pamangkins :(

i also took note of the usual attendees who weren't present today:
- Achie Josephine (i heard she's pregnant again -- her 4th na!)
- Achie Jocelyn (also pregnant, but she was able to attend Angkong's Death Anniv last month)
- Uncle Tony

pakonti na ng pakonti ang attendees...

i am just so glad and happy that Uncle Ching Piao is still here to reunite us all..

onga pala..
i dunno why it was only NOW that i realized that Auntie Siu Lu looks so much like Papa...

speaking of Papa... it was his death anniversary last Feb 3 (exact date) and we weren't able to visit him.. uh-oh! but that's ok, it might not yet be too late since the Chinese calendar points to a different date :p

we'll be there tomorrow :)

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