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Philippine Passport Renewal - DFA MegaMall

Philippine Passport Renewal - DFA MegaMall


1. Go to the DFA - MEGAMALL Website and SET UP AN APPOINTMENT.

2. After filling out the APPLICATION FORM completely, DOWNLOAD and PRINT the form in LONG BOND PAPER.
Take note of the appointment reference numbers.
You may also call their hotline at 737-1000 for assistance.

3. Make sure to READ AND PREPARE ALL REQUIREMENTS in the website. 

I got married last 2011 and I had to change my name in my passport renewal. For this, I am required to BRING AN N.S.O. CERTIFIED MARRIAGE CONTRACT. In the website, I was also advised to bring a birth certificate (original NSO copy), CTC (cedula) and Barangay Clearance. 
However, during the process, they only asked for the marriage certificate. Nevertheless, it is always better to be prepared than sorry.

  • Bring ALL your DOCUMENTS - your application form, NSO certificates, other supporting documents
  • Bring your OLD PASSPORT
  • Bring a photocopy of ALL your douments
  • Bring a photocopy of the FIRST PAGE of your OLD PASSPORT (the page with your picture on it)
  • Bring a photocopy of the LAST PAGE of your OLD PASSPORT (the page with contacts in case of emergency)

4. BE AT THE DFA MEGAMALL OFFICE EARLY (to avoid the line up).

**other than your required documents and stuff

1. No escort is allowed inside.
2. Credit card is not accepted.
3. Php 1,200 for rush processing (7 days) and Php 950 for regular processing (15 days)
4. OPTIONAL: Php 120 for passport delivery fee.
5. Do not wear colored contact lens.
6. Bring a jacket/shawl in case the air-conditioning system gets too cold for you.
7. Your scheduled appointment MIGHT not be followed. Bring a book to kill time. Bring a toy or coloring book for kids. I was there 30 minutes before my scheduled appointment and still waited for 4 hours before I have finally completed my passport renewal application. Go figure.


1. DFA MEGAMALL, 7th floor Building C

(There is also a walkway from MegaMall Building A, level 5)

2. TELESERV - For NSO Certificates

Philippine Passport Renewal - DFA MegaMall

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